Vaccination against the flu (influenza)

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Vaccination is the best prevention to prevent the spread of the highly contagious influenza virus. Influenza is associated with severe complications and many deaths each year. This is why serious consideration should be given to vaccination in all persons over 6 months old, even those travelling in warm countries during the winter. It is all the more important in:

  • persons aged over 60 years;
  • pregnant women who are healthy in the second or third trimester;
  • pregnant and chronically ill women, regardless of your stage of pregnancy;
  • young children aged 6 to 23 months;
  • persons taking care of an infant under 6 months of age;
  • people with chronic diseases.

Quebec: A nurse can administer the vaccine directly at the pharmacy.

New Brunswick and Ontario: A nurse or pharmacist are available to administer the vaccine directly at the pharmacy.