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Anaïs: the life-changing images

Thanks to the Jean Coutu photo printing service, actress and host Anaïs Favron has created a symbolic memory of her humanitarian trip to Congo. By sharing this memory, you can help Oxfam-Québec to fight poverty in developing countries. Discover how!

The best gift you can give yourself

We all have our little habits and ways we organize our ideas. The Jean Coutu website lets you create a personalized notebook that matches your style and is as original as your aspirations.


Whether you want to beautify your surroundings or preserve precious memories, you'll find ideas for gifts on the Jean Coutu website that are as original as they are practical! From aprons to calendars, Jean Coutu offers a wide range of items that can be personalized to thank a friend, make a big announcement to your parents, or simply say "I love you".

The best way to relax when your life is in high gear

When you feel overwhelmed, it's important to take the time to recharge, wherever you are. Add a touch of magic to your well-deserved moments of relaxation by designing your own personalized sport bottle on the Jean Coutu website.

Make your meals even more festive!

Surprise your guests with a custom placemat!

Give a customized apron!

The perfect gift for great cooks… or clumsy friends!

Customize your Holidays

Your Christmas tree can be decorated with the most wonderful images of the year.

Good news to share?

Why not rely on a special messenger to deliver them? Thanks to our photo printing service, you can now use your images to decorate a custom Teddy Bear.

Your memories live through time

Revisit them month by month with a customized calendar.

Flip through your images

Text, layout, cover… by creating a photobook, you can give a new flavour to your memories!

Tell your story, wall-to-wall!

We regularly take pictures of inspiring beauty around us. Whether it be a breathtaking landscape or beautiful texture in nature, your pictures could become true works of art with acrylic prints available at Jean Coutu.

A beautiful way to display the joy captured in your snapshots

These tender, random moments make us smile day after day. Now, in just a few clicks, you can capture these moments by ordering prints from your cellphone via the Jean Coutu website.

"Just for you": photo printing

We take tons of photos every week, and some of them are unforgettable. Most of the time we forget them, or stash them away in our computers. But once they've been printed, they have the magical power to help us relive our happiest times every day. 

The essentials

Jean Coutu invites you to discover all its exclusive products, designed to be simple and effective, to keep you connected and make tasks easier wherever you are. From chargers to lenses, these accessories will let you talk longer and without interruption, or effortlessly take breathtaking photos and videos.

Small lenses, great results

You don't need to be a professional photographer to take beautiful pictures. ibiZ lenses for cellphones, sold exclusively at Jean Coutu, allow you to take shots of the biggest or smallest subjects, from very far away or very close up.

For an image that moves with you

Sometimes, one single photo is not enough. Light and versatile, the ibiZ compact tripod gives you the flexibility (and the perfect angle!) you need to capture every movement. Get it in a Jean Coutu store or online: it’s an exclusivity!

Enough energy to go wherever you want

Light and compact, ibiZ portable power banks follow you everywhere - and give you what you need to go a little further!

Our featured products

From chargers to lenses, these accessories will let you talk longer and without interruption, or effortlessly take breathtaking photos and videos.


2-in-1 Wide Angle & Macro Lenses

Macro lens is good for taking close-up photos. Wide angle lens is good for taking large range photos. Compatible with most mobile phones.


180° Full-Screen Fisheye Lens

Fisheye lens takes pictures with range from right to left. Compatible with most mobile phones.


5x Telephoto Lens

Adds 5x zooming power to your mobile phone. Compatible with most mobile phones.


Portable 4000 mAh/14.8 Wh Power Bank, 1 unit

Items sold separately. Picture for illustration purposes only.


Compact Tripod

Built-un level to avoid slanted pictures. Universal 1/4 inch screw mounting piece works with many camera models. Comes with detachable mobile phone holder. Aluminum alloy sphere construction allows 360 ° rotation and up & down tilting.


Portable 2600 mAh/9.62 Wh Power Bank, 1 unit

Items sold separately. Picture for illustration purposes only.

Our photo services

Your memories are precious! Photo printing, enlargements, custom decorations: discover the many options offered for photo printing.
Need an I.D. photo?

Need an I.D. photo?

Jean Coutu employees are trained to take photos that meet all current requirements. Whether it be for your passport, health insurance card, or any other official document, we’ve got you covered.

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Photo Lab

Photo Lab

Photo printing in just 12 seconds, quick and easy touch-ups, save your photos on a CD: visit our photo labs to print your photos on the spot.

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