Passport and ID Photos

Need identification photos?

Trust us! Our employees are trained to take photos that meet the current federal and provincial requirements, whether it be for your passport, health insurance/ permanent residency/citizenship card, or any other government-issued document.

Most Jean Coutu stores offer the passport and ID photo service but it’s best to check with your store first. If you need a passport picture taken of a baby or a young child under the age of 5, please confirm the availability of the service directly with your store.

Its So Simple

Photos that meet government requirements

Get your ID photos taken at Jean Coutu in total peace of mind! They meet the latest standards required for official documents.

They meet the latest standards required for official documents.

No need to book an appointment!

Drop by one of our stores and our photo lab staff will assist you!

Quick service

Get your passport or ID photos without having to wait in line. They’re ready in a matter of minutes!

Service warranty

Your official ID photos are guaranteed. We will re-print them for free and give you a Jean Coutu gift card if they are refused.

Your official ID photos are guaranteed

The ID photos that we take for government-issued documents meet provincial and federal requirements.

Click here for a complete list or visit your local Jean Coutu's photo lab.

*Only if you do not have a driver's licence issued by the SAAQ.

Your photos prepared by our qualified staff!

Your passport and identification photos are in good hands! The Photo Department staff in our stores are trained and use specialized software to process your photos that can be printed on site in only a few minutes.

*Photo for reference purposes only

Consider these tips when taking a passport photo:

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Pick up in store
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