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Your pharmacist owner affiliated to the Jean Coutu network is happy to provide you with health services tailored to your needs.

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Do you need medication?

Do you need medication?

Your pharmacist can give you tips on any medication you may need when it comes to pain, allergies or first aid. Depending on where you’re travelling, they can also prescribe medication to prevent altitude sickness, malaria or treat travellers’ diarrhea.

Do you require vaccinations?

Do you require vaccinations?

Many Jean Coutu affiliated pharmacies provide the opportunity to meet with a nurse, who can evaluate your needs and administer any vaccinations required for your trip. Browse the list to find the vaccination center nearest you.

Do you have your list of medications?

It’s important to always keep a list of medications on you when travelling. In case of an emergency or accident, medical services can quickly consult the document and treat you accordingly. Talk to your pharmacist!

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