The secret of beauty pros? Specialized makeup products, good tools, a daily beauty routine and flawless application techniques. Take advantage today!

The essentials

Our favourite products, tutorials, trends: everything you need to know right now!


Pencils, eye shadows, techniques and tips to make your eyes pop.

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Our essentials for a flawless complexion: illuminators, concealers, powders, tutorials and other pro tips.

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Deep red lipstick or a luscious lip gloss? Find inspiration and tools to show off your smile, whatever your style or budget.

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Makeup remover

Cleansing is the most essential step in your daily beauty ritual. Express solutions, tips and suggestions for clear skin.

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Brushes and accessories

From eyelash curlers to eye shadow applicators to brush sets, your essential allies for pro makeup.

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Makeup trends

Seasonal classics and the latest makeup trends: keep up with the hottest essentials!

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Do you need a quick makeup touch-up?

Whether you need to touch-up your makeup before a girls’ night out, after work or simply for your own pleasure, the cosmeticians of your Jean Coutu store are available at all times to enhance the radiance of your makeup. Ask for a few dashes of light to brighten up your face, a little bit of loose powder to smooth up your complexion or a touch of lipstick to color your lips. See your cosmetician to learn more!

Inspiration and tips