Discover skin care beneficial for both health and beauty, only available in pharmacies.
Dermo-Cosmetics Care

A synergy between healthcare and beauty care

Does the health of your skin matter to you as much as your appearance? Discover the Dermo-Cosmetics Area of your Jean Coutu for all the major brand names combining cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Dermo-Cosmetics 101

Origins, functions, benefits: immerse yourself in the world of Dermo-Cosmetics.

What Is Dermo-Cosmetics?

A true synergy between healthcare and beauty care, Dermo-Cosmetics products distinguish themselves by combining dermatology and cosmetics and using a more medical approach than other popular brands.

In fact, Dermo-Cosmetics make use of medical research to advance cosmetic goals. Dermo-Cosmetics products meet the high manufacturing standards of the pharmaceutical industry, thereby demonstrating their proven effectiveness and safety.

At Jean Coutu, we bring together cosmetic brands manufactured in accordance with the pharmaceutical industry's highest standards.

The Three Functions of Dermo-Cosmetics Products

Dermo-Cosmetics products restore the skin's natural balance by using active ingredients for targeted, long lasting results.

To Protect

One of the underlying principles of Dermo-Cosmetics products is to protect skin from signs of aging caused by the sun and outside aggressions by using active ingredients that fight against UV rays and pollution.

To Hydrate

Preventing skin from premature aging begins with thorough hydration, which allows the skin to regenerate and fight against outside aggressions.



To Correct

Certain Dermo-Cosmetics products fight signs of aging by correcting damage through the use of key ingredients such as glycolic acid, lactic acid and ingredients derived from vitamin A.

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With Express Diagnosis, you can have a personalized assessment of your skin performed by a professional. Learn your skin’s type and hydration level so that your Jean Coutu cosmetician can recommend products that are perfectly suited to your skin, helping you become and stay as beautiful as possible.

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