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Dermo-Cosmetics Care

What are Dermo-Cosmetics?

What are Dermo-Cosmetics?

The best of both worlds! Dermo-Cosmetics rely on medical research to design products that heal the skin while improving its appearance. These products are manufactured according to strict principles and meet the high standards of the pharmaceutical industry: rigorous laboratory tests, conducted under dermatological control, ensure their effectiveness and safety—that is to say, their absence of harmful effects. Reliability guaranteed!

The role of Dermo-Cosmetics products

Sensitivity, excess of sebum, dehydration... Dermo-Cosmetics skin care aims to combat skin imbalances of all kinds, and to meet the specific needs of different skin types. Long-acting, targeted active ingredients enable them to perform three main functions.


By countering the effects of the sun and external aggressions (heat, cold, wind, pollution, etc.), they preserve the skin from premature aging.


They help the skin maintain an optimal level of hydration so that it can regenerate and resist the onslaught of the elements.


With components such as glycolic acid, lactic acid and vitamin A derivatives, some products can reduce skin imperfections and compensate for damage caused by external factors.

Do you have questions about the condition of your skin and how to care for it?

Do you have questions about the condition of your skin and how to care for it?

Have a look at the answers given by Dr. Michèle Ohayon, dermatologist, about dry and dehydrated skin, aging skin and dark spots, sensitive skin and rosacea, and about acne and oily skin!

Dermo-Cosmetics at Jean Coutu

Our expertise at the service of your skin

Looking for Dermo-Cosmetics skin care that’s perfect for you? Ask your cosmetician for advice: they will help you identify your skin type, offer you a tailored care routine, and learn about the action and characteristics of each product. You can also rely on your pharmacist to discuss any skin health concerns (allergies, injuries, special conditions, etc.) and help you choose your skin care accordingly. That synergy is what makes Dermo-Cosmetics effective!

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