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The notes of a perfume

Just like a music composer, the perfumer is inspired by notes. He imagines his perfume by focusing on a given theme – flowers, spices, fruits and other notes. He then builds his olfactive structure. There are different olfactive structures, but the most classic is the pyramid, which features three notes: top note, middle note and base note.

Top note

This is the first note released by a perfume. It is volatile, fresh, even sparkling. It is perceived as soon as you put it on, it is the opening salvo of the fragrance if you will. This note gives off fresh, hesperidium, and even green notes.

Middle note

This is the melody of the perfume, that emerges gradually after the top note. It is often called its “bouquet”, since it is composed of flowers. The middle note is the initial inspiration of the perfumer and it often determines the olfactive family of the perfume.

Base note

Intense, warm and sensual, this note lingers on the skin for hours. It carries scents of wood, amber, incense, vanilla and musk. This is the finale of the perfume.

Olfactive families

The olfactive families are first divided into large categories, and are then included in a sub-family according to the dominant notes of the fragrance.


Discover all the variations for her and for him.

Fragrance Aromatic


Typically masculine, this family blends top notes of aromatic herbs like sage, rosemary and thyme with a hint of lavender accompanied by middle notes of hesperides or spice.

Subfamilies: aquatic, aromatic, woody, spicy, fougere, fruity, citrus.

Fragrance Woody


Dominated by woody notes, this family features sandalwood and cedar, often accompanied by vetiver, patchouli and spices. For her, these woody notes are blended with floral ones.

Subfamilies for her : aromatic, citrus, woody, floral, gourmand, sparkling, sweet & salty.

Subfamilies for him: amber, aquatic, aromatic, woody, leather, spicy, floral, fougere, fresh, fruity, citrus, oriental.

Fragrance Chypre


This olfactory family is inspired by the perfume Cyprus, created by François Coty in 1917. It featured a popular blend of oak moss, patchouli, rose and bergamot. With its recent return to popularity, this family is now called Modern Cyprus.

Subfamilies for her: chypre, floral, fruity

Subfamilies for him: woody, chypre.

Fragrance Floral


The most popular for her, this olfactory family uniting fragrances whose main theme is composed of flowers. For him,

Subfamilies for her: amber, aquatic, aromatic, woody, chypre, spicy, floral, fresh, fruity, citrus, musky, oriental, sparkling, vanilla, green.

Subfamilies for him: woody, green.

Fragrance Floriental


This family is a blend of floral and oriental notes like subtle amber, spice and vanilla combined with a floral bouquet.

Subfamilies: amber, woody, floral, floriental, fruity, gourmant.

Fragrance Fougere


Typically masculine, this family is an olfactory fantasy concept. Composed of lavender, fresh herbs and oak moss, it often features aromatic, aquatic, Asian or woody notes.

Subfamilies: aquatic, aromatic, fougere, fresh, citrus, oriental.

Fragrance Fruity


Bursting with freshness and a hint of decadence, this family features a bubbly side with woody or spicy notes in its finish.

Subfamily: woody, like L’Homme by Yves Saint Laurent.

Fragrance Citrus


The name of this family is inspired by the mythical Greek garden of Hesperides, home to fruit trees like bergamot, lemon, orange and mandarin, from which the perfume’s essential oils are derived. This family features the very first Eaux de Cologne.

Subfamilies for her: aromatic, woody, floral, citrus.

Subfamilies for him: citrus, aquatic, aromatic, woody, spicy.

Fragrance Musky


Musk was originally made from animal sources but today it’s made from synthetic molecules called white musk, commonly used in a variety of fragrances. White musk is available in several compositions: powdery, floral, woody or fruity. Often considered a sexy scent, musk adds an aphrodisiac touch to perfumes.

Subfamily: spicy, like Ivresse by Lise Watier.

Fragrance Oriental


Characterized by spicy, amber notes, this family is inspired by the fragrances of the Orient. Comprised of balms, resins, exotic spices and precious woods, it also often features vanilla notes.

Subfamilies for her: amberaromatic, woody, floral, fruity, gourmand, musky, oriental, vanilla.

Subfamilies for him: amber, aromatic, woody, leather, spicy, fougere, fresh, fruity, gourmand, citrus, oriental.

The ABCs of fragrances

Follow the guide to get the most out of your fragrance.

Where to apply it

The best place is to apply your fragrance is on your pulse points: the neck, the inside of your elbows and knees, your wrists or behind your ears, as the mood strikes you. These are the areas of your body with the greatest concentration of heat, so the fragrance will be diffused most quickly. If you're using a mister, keep the bottle 10 to 15 cm away from your body, depending on the intensity desired. Avoid rubbing your wrists together after application; it will break up the fragrance molecules, distorting their olfactory qualities.

How to make it last

The secret to making your fragrance last: apply a body moisturizer first so the fragrance has a base it can adhere to. You can also apply a few drops to your accessories, like your scarf or belt. Or try it on your hairbrush. The porous nature of hair helps trap the scent, releasing it throughout the day. A word to the wise: avoid applying fragrances to synthetic fabrics, which will change the scent of your fragrance; or to silk, which can be easily and irreversibly stained.

How to conserve it

Generally speaking, fragrance can be kept for one to three years after opening. Depending on the quality of your fragrance, its life can be extended by protecting it from its worst enemies: light, heat, air and humidity.

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