apps to simplify your life

Whether it’s to save more or to access your Health Record, our two mobile apps will make your life easier anywhere, anytime

Discover the Jean Coutu et Moi app Discover the Jean Coutu Health app

Jean Coutu & moi

Enjoy the moi program

Join the moi reward program and earn points on your everyday purchases.

Save on your everyday essentials

Access exclusive offers and savings that match your preferences, and check the online flyer whenever you like!

Jean Coutu Health

Manage your Health Record

Send photos of your new prescription, share your Health Record and much more.

Renew your prescriptions

Renew, pay for and have your prescription or that of your loved ones delivered, no matter where you are.

Jean Coutu & moi

The app for more savings

I can join the moi program

I enjoy benefits and rewards on my favorite products in my favorite banners. I earn 1 point for every dollar i spend on my everyday purchases at participating banners. *

Discover the Moi program

*Not valid at Super C. Upon presentation of the moi card, points are calculated on the total amount, before taxes, and exclude products stipulated in the program’s terms and conditions.

I receive exclusive offers

I enjoy 100% personalized coupons and offers on groceries, beauty products, and health products to increase my points balance. I can also save my coupons to save even more.

Discover the Moi program

I can earn and redeem points in my favorite participating banners

I can access my Moi card, my points balance and all my advantages on the app and redeem my points for my favourite products whenever I want. It’s so easy to treat myself and save.

Discover the Moi program

Check my online flyer

My online flyer follows me everywhere so I can stay on top of the latest promotions and plan my purchases.

Discover the Moi program

Jean Coutu Health

Your health here, anytime, anywhere

I can access my Health Record

I can give my doctor and my pharmacist access to my health information to help them advise me and offer me the best care.

*These services are offered by your pharmacist owners affiliated to Jean Coutu.

I can manage my prescriptions

With the app, I can renew, pay for and have my prescription and that of my loved ones delivered. I can also send a photo of my new prescription and access a complete list of my medication.

*These services are offered by your pharmacist owners affiliated to Jean Coutu.

I can activate the notification service

I can select my preference: the notification service by email or text message. I’ll know as soon as the pharmacist is done verifying my file and my prescriptions.

*These services are offered by your pharmacist owners affiliated to Jean Coutu.

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