Management of Access and Sharing

Using family access, we would like all of our Health Records to be grouped in the same account, how can this be done?

If each family member had a different email and you now wish to regroup your Health Records in a single account, you must first choose the email address you wish to use (main email). Next, go into the other accounts and send access rights to the main email address to centralize the records.

In order to provide access, the person who created the Health Record must:

  1. Log in to his/her Health Record at the following address:
  2. Choose the record for which he/she wishes to provide access and click on Access Management.
  3. Click on Offer a Right of Access and follow instructions.

An invitation email will be sent to that person, inviting him/her to:

  1. Log in to his/her Health Record at the following address:
  2. View the List of Health Records and the Health Records I Have Access To section.
  3. Click on Accept and follow instructions.

Note: It is also possible to request a new access code for each family member from your Jean Coutu affiliated pharmacist. This will allow you to create each Health Record again in the main account.

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What does it mean to “Give a right of access”?

Giving access to a third party allows that person to view all the information contained in a Health Record, request refills, create refill reminders or reminders to take medication, enter blood glucose, blood pressure or weight readings and print the official listing of prescription drug purchases for tax purposes.  

However, this person will not be able to give a right of access to anyone else or view the list of other persons having access to this record. 

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Can I only have access to the Health Records of my immediate family members (spouse, child)?

No. Any person who wants to can give you access to their Health Record. They can do this in either of two ways: by giving their consent to the pharmacist, who then gives you the access code to create the Health Record, or by giving you the right of access from the Access Management within their Health Record. 

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I want to withdraw the right of access from a person. What should I do?

Rights of access are specific to each Health Record. To begin, click on the Health Record to which you want to withdraw access. Next click Access Management in the left-hand menu, then click Remove to revoke this person’s right of access to this record. 

If you no longer have access to your Health Record, you can go to the pharmacy and ask your pharmacist to withdraw this person’s right of access. 

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I no longer see the prescriptions list in a Health Record to which I had access. What is going on?

This may happen for one of several reasons:

  • Your right of access has been revoked
    The person who created the Health Record has withdrawn the right of access he/she gave you. To restore your access, communicate with this person.
  • The Health Record has been deactivated
    The person to whom the Health Record belongs can ask the pharmacist to deactivate it at any time.
  • The person to whom the Health Record belongs has reached the age of consent to care
    As soon as persons reach the age of consent to care (14 in Quebec, 16 in New Brunswick and 16 in Ontario), the pharmacist must verify whether they consent to maintaining previously given access to their Health Record, or want this access to be revoked. In fact, all access to the record is automatically deactivated on the person’s birthday. To restore your access, your pharmacist will ask you for proof of the person’s consent before giving you a new access code. Do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist for more information on this subject.
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