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Using family access, we would like all of our Health Records to be grouped in the same account, how can this be done?

If each family member had a different email and you now wish to regroup your Health Records in a single account, you must first choose the email address you wish to use (main email). Next, go into the other accounts and send access rights to the main email address to centralize the records.

In order to provide access, the person who created the Health Record must:

  1. Log in to his/her Health Record at the following address:
  2. Choose the record for which he/she wishes to provide access and click on Access Management.
  3. Click on Offer a Right of Access and follow instructions.

An invitation email will be sent to that person, inviting him/her to:

  1. Log in to his/her Health Record at the following address:
  2. View the List of Health Records and the Health Records I Have Access To section.
  3. Click on Accept and follow instructions.

Note: It is also possible to request a new access code for each family member from your Jean Coutu affiliated pharmacist. This will allow you to create each Health Record again in the main account.

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My password no longer works!

The password contains a minimum of 8 characters and consists of letters and/or numbers. It should not be confused with the Access Code, which is a code consisting of 6 numbers provided to you by the pharmacist to activate the Health Record.

If you forget your password, click on the following link Problem With your Password?, located on the login page. An email containing a link will be sent to the registered email address, if it is linked to a Jean Coutu account, allowing the password to be reset.

If an error message indicates that your access code is not valid, request a new access code the next time you visit the pharmacy. 

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I have tried to enter my access code, but it does not work.

Here are the situations that could explain why your access code does not work:

  • The Health Record has already been activated in another account
    An access code allows a patient record at the pharmacy to be linked to his/her Health Record. Once the record has been activated, the access code is no longer valid. Therefore, it must not be used to add an existing file to another account.

    If the Health Record has already been activated from another account, you must ask the person who created it to provide you with access rights. That person must log in to his/her Health Record, select the Health Record to be shared, click on Access Management and then on Offer a Right of Access.
  • Your access code has expired
    As a security measure, the access code provided by your pharmacist is temporary (5 days). Check the expiry date indicated on the activation form your pharmacist gave you. If it is past the date, you must ask the pharmacist for a new access code. When a new access code is issued, all previous codes are deactivated. 
  • The access code belongs to another person
    A unique access code is issued for every Health Record. Check that the first and last name on the activation form match those of the person for whom you are trying to enter the access code.
  • The entered information does not match the information in the patient’s file at the pharmacy.
    Check that you have correctly entered the patient’s first and last name and date of birth, and that the first and last names are identical to those on the form in which the access code is given.

    If the name indicated on the form contains an error, you can still activate the Health Record, then contact your pharmacy to have the error corrected. The correction will also be applied in your Health Record.
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Where can I find information on delivery and return policies?

For questions about delivery and return policies, contact the pharmacy where you wish to place your order.

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