Health Record Security

Why must I choose three security questions?

The information contained in the Health Record is personal and confidential. To ensure the security of this information, you will be asked one of your chosen questions when you log into the Health Record using a new device. 

You will be asked a security question every time you log in using a new device. After answering your security question, you can check the I Am Using a Private Computer box. This will associate the device to your account and you will no longer have to answer a security question. 

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How do you recognize the devices I use?

When you check the I Am Using a Private Computer box, a cookie is associated with your device. This cookie allows us to recognize the device during your future logins.

You can authorize the devices you use frequently to log into the Health Record. Do not authorize public devices (library, café, etc.).

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I indicated that I no longer wanted to be asked any security questions on my computer. Why am I being asked a question again?

This can happen in one of three situations:

  1. You have blocked the use of cookies.
  2. You may have deleted the cookie identifying your device.
  3. You may be using a previously identified device, but with a different browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.).
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Why do I no longer need to enter my PIN?

We have simplified access to the Health Record while maintaining a high level of security. Thus, recognition of your devices and the use of security questions have replaced your PIN and provide a simpler but equally secure connection. 

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