Make your medication taste better!

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Add flavour to your medication

The taste of liquid medication and antibiotics can sometimes be unpleasant. By adding a bit of flavour, kids and grown-ups who are sick can take their medicine without wincing. Vanilla, grapeade, watermelon, lemon, strawberry cream, and more. Choose from 19 flavours available.

Ask your pharmacist!

There are 19 flavours to choose from:

Apple Apple
Banana Banana
Banana-Orange Banana-Orange
Bubblegum Bubblegum
Cherry Cherry
Chocolate Chocolate
Chocolate Banana Pie Chocolate Banana Pie
Chocolate Covered Cherry Chocolate Covered Cherry
Citrus Punch Citrus Punch
Grape Grape
Grape Bubblegum Grape Bubblegum
Grapeade Grapeade
Lemon Lemon
Orange Cream Orange Cream
Raspberry Raspberry
Sour Apple Sour Apple
Strawberry Cream Strawberry Cream
vanilla Vanilla
Watermelon Watermelon