Preauthorized refill service

Don’t want to worry about renewing your prescriptions?

Your pharmacist can offer you a free preauthorized refill service. A member of the lab team will contact you when it’s time to renew your prescription.

Your pharmacist owner affiliated to Jean Coutu is happy to provide you with health services tailored to your needs.

This free service is offered to anyone wanting to renew their prescription

Need to renew only one prescription per month

If you only need to renew one prescription per month—such as a contraceptive—this service can make your life a little easier. No need to remember to refill your prescription! Your pharmacist will contact you in time to prepare your next refill.

Need to renew several prescriptions per month

Do you take several medications every month? Your prescription refills probably fall on different days. Our prescription refill service will help make daily life a little easier! Your pharmacist will phone you every month to prepare all your regular medication. Not only will you no longer need to remember all your prescriptions, you’ll be able to pick them all up at the pharmacy at once or have them delivered to your home!

Your medication is only for use in an emergency

Some medication is only meant to be used in the event of an emergency, like nitroglycerin for angina or an epinephrine injector for allergies. This medication must not be expired. You can use the preauthorized refill service at your pharmacy to request that your pharmacist call you when your emergency medication needs to be renewed.


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Preauthorized refill service

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