Nasal congestion

4 quick solutions

Sea water spray, the right humidity level, decongestants, spicy foods... Our top 4 solutions to help you breathe easier.

Sea water

Isotonic sea water sprays clean, relieve and clear up nasal passages. Rich in minerals and oligo elements, they protect the nose’s mucous membrane while the hyaluronic acid contained in many sea water sprays hydrates it. Best of all, you can use them as often as needed without damaging your nasal cavity or developing an addiction.

A humidifier

An environment that’s too dry or too hot can irritate your mucous membrane which leads to nasal dryness and congestion. The solution? Install a humidifier but remember to change the water daily and clean it once a week.


Yes, they can temporarily relieve congestion by constricting the mucous membrane’s tissues and clearing the nasal passages, but they should be used in moderation! Take them for no longer than five days in a row to avoid developing an addiction.

Water and eucalyptus

There are other ways to temporarily clear a stuffy nose. Drinking lots of water and staying hydrated is one. Another is to use menthol or eucalyptus lozenges. Ask your pharmacist to find out more.

Have you been congested for more than a week? Ask a healthcare professional for advice.

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Daily Nasal Care

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Nasal congestion - 4 quick solutions