All you need to know about nutrition

No need to follow a strict diet to stay in top form. Adopting a balanced diet is key in staying fit. 

Although most people are aware that poor eating habits are a threat to their health, it isn’t always easy to adopt a healthy diet at all times.

It is true that eating well is a daily challenge, but think of all the benefits that you will get out of it! If you have to make some changes to your diet, do it one step at a time. First, keep foods you know are harmful to your health away from your table: chips, chocolate, pastries, soft drinks, etc. From a nutritional perspective, they are of no value. Showing an interest in the nutritional value of the foods you eat, helps you to develop better eating habits.

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Eating healthy

Who says that only foods rich in calories, sugar, fat or salt are tasty? Oftentimes, eating well is above all about choosing variety and making good choices as often as possible. A large portion of your menu should include the most nutritious and savoury foods such as vegetables, fruits, legumes, foods rich in fibre, low-fat milk products, fish, etc.! To know what they are, consult the Canada Food Guide. It’s the document of reference for all Canadians who want what is best in terms of nutrition. Aim for balance in the long run, it’s the most effective strategy of any other!

This also applies to maintaining a healthy weight. Forget so-called miracle diets that don’t require any effort, they generally aren’t very effective in improving your figure in the long term. Exercise regularly, reduce the number of calories you eat in a day and choose nutritious foods. This will help you stay on course and eventually achieve your objective.

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Eating healthy

When nutrition is not enough

In order to function well, the body needs a variety of nutrients: glucose, protein, fiber, and of course, vitamins and minerals. Generally speaking, those who follow the recommendations of the Canada Food Guide should be able to get all of the nutritional elements the body needs through diet. However, because it isn't always possible to eat well every day, some groups of people could particularly benefit from taking daily vitamin and mineral supplements. 

Vitamin D is a good example of a nutrient that is sometimes lacking. Yet, it is of crucial importance, since it contributes to general health, particularly to bone and dental health. Everyone living in Canada should ensure that their body receives sufficient quantities of vitamins, including vitamin D. If needed, speak to your pharmacist, doctor or another healthcare professional. If you are considering to take a vitamin and mineral supplement, ask your pharmacist to advise you about the best-suited formulation for your needs.

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Nutrition in specific conditions

A person’s dietary needs can vary during the course of their lifetime, according to age, health, lifestyle or their situation (e.g., pregnancy). When you wish to establish a made-to-measure diet, it’s important to consider all of these factors. It is sometimes useful and advisable to call upon the expertise of health professionals specialized in nutrition to develop an optimal dietary plan.

When an individual is forced to live with a chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease or Alzheimer’s disease, this can be even more essential. In fact, it isn’t uncommon for a treatment plan to include dietary changes in addition to medications and other recommended medical measures.

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Nutrition in specific conditions

Remember that nutrition is always the basis of good health, so it’s a crucial topic to talk about with your healthcare professional, regardless of your situation!


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All you need to know about nutrition

No need to follow a strict diet to stay in top form. Adopting a balanced diet is key in staying fit.