A quick, handy way to refill prescriptions

Renew ahead of time—and save time!

By using one of our five renewal options, you can make the most of your time while allowing your pharmacist to prepare your prescription.

Your pharmacist owner affiliated to Jean Coutu is happy to provide you with health services tailored to your needs.

Renewing your prescription is quick and easy!

     Choose your renewal method in advance

     You'll be notified when it's ready

     Pick up or have it delivered


Choose your renewal method in advance

Your pharmacist offers five easy ways to renew your prescription from the comfort of home. Just select the one that’s best for you.

Use our mobile app

Via our website

Use our 24/7 interactive voice response system

Let your pharmacist take care of it

Call your pharmacy


You'll be notified when it's ready!

It’s Ready! notification service. 

Our It’s Ready! notification service will send you a text or email whenever the pharmacist has finished with your file and prescription. Then just pass by to pick up your medication!


Ask your pharmacist about our service or sign up via your Health Record.


Pick up or have it delivered!

Stop by your pharmacy to pick up your prescription whenever it’s convenient for you, or take advantage of our home-delivery service—available at most Jean Coutu affiliated pharmacies.

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