Physical activity: a sound investment for health capital

Adopting an active lifestyle is a winning strategy on many levels. Ready, set, move!

When it comes to physical activity, are you inclined to view it as something pleasant or as a chore? Regardless of your degree of interest in sports or your starting point, it’s important to question your exercise habits to aim for better health.

The benefits of physical activity

From a general perspective, the North-American population is too sedentary. A great number of individuals of all ages don’t exercise enough to see the benefits on their health. The risk of chronic disease in these individuals, especially as they get older, is much greater. In terms of public health, one of the top priorities is to encourage people to exercise regularly.

Yet, the benefits of physical activity have long-since been proven. A large number of studies on the subject have allowed us draw clear conclusions: regular physical exercise improves health, well-being, quality of life, and life expectancy.

Becoming more physically active can benefit everyone. Some issues linked to current and growing sedentariness have also been observed in children and teens. If you are of retirement age, it’s all the more important to ask yourself where physical activity ranks in your life.

In terms of adopting a healthy lifestyle, it’s safe to say that it’s never too early or too late to start!

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Physical activity and chronic disease

Chronic disease prevention is a current topic of interest for both the general population and the medical community. Regular exercise can either prevent or slow the progression of several common chronic diseases. For instance, this is the case for certain types of cancerdiabeteshigh blood pressureheart diseaseosteoporosis, and mental illness. Additionally, regular exercise sometimes helps control an illness or its symptoms.

Although you may not often see the reference “increase physical activity” on your medical prescriptions, this measure is nonetheless often recommended to fight and control a number of diseases.

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Physical activity and sports enthusiasts

Some individuals have already made physical activity a priority in their daily lives. For instance, cycling, marathons and triathlons are sports practised by several sports lovers. When you are passionate about a sport, it’s easier to grant it a larger place in your life! If you are among those for whom active and intense training is essential, then you know how important it is to adequately prepare for vigorous exercise, as well as the precautions that should be taken. Hydrating adequately and following a diet that maximizes energy are examples of beneficial measures taken by athletes so they can perform at their best.

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Physical activity: a priority throughout the year!

Sports are an essential aspect of Canadian life. However, Canadians must often adapt their activities to Mother Nature’s whims. Heat waves in summer, rain in fall, and biting cold in winter can sometimes hamper our enthusiasm for sports. On the other hand, the changing seasons allow us to vary our activities, which is undoubtedly an advantage! What a privilege it is to be able to enjoy the outdoors while the colourful landscape changes from green, to red, to orange and yellow, then to white.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be a priority throughout the year. Whatever your age, lifestyle, or health status, you have everything to gain by integrating exercise into your day. There are all kinds of indoor or outdoor activities you may find interesting and that will encourage you to exercise regularly. All you need to do is look for them! Talk to your health professional to establish an action plan which takes your situation into account.

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Physical activity: a sound investment for health capital

Adopting an active lifestyle is a winning strategy on many levels. Ready, set, move!
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