Getting back into shape after holiday excesses

The holidays may be a thing of the past, but your body continues to send you reminders of the indulgences, both small and great, of the past few weeks: fatigue, loss of energy, bloating, digestive problems, dull skin—not to mention the extra pounds put on!

You may be starting to doubt your body's ability to get over your holiday excesses. Make your mistake, it has more than one ace up its sleeve! With a little help from you, your body can draw on its resources and recover its balance. It's time to pull up your sleeves to help your body recover.

If you would like to get back into shape after the holidays, follow these simple tips. 

Drink all you can—water of course!

Drinking large amounts of alcohol is harmful not only because of the high calorie content (alcohol is unforgiving in that respect), but also because it causes dehydration. An excellent strategy to use to get back into shape is to drink plenty of water. Your skin, kidneys, and many other areas of the body will reap the benefits. Additionally, drinking water makes you feel more full; thus, by drinking more, you'll eat less!

Diet, yes! But in moderation

Watching what you eat after having overindulged is a good thing. However, following a diet that is too drastic or too restrictive calorie-wise probably isn't the best solution. Your body will react better to a regular healthy diet than to alternating between overindulging and strict dieting. Adopting healthy eating habits over time is a more effective strategy to promote well-being and weight loss.

Make healthy food choices.

After numerous holiday excesses, your body may naturally crave light and healthy foods. Suddenly, clementines, raspberries, green grapes and even broccoli seem more appealing. When doing your grocery shopping, choose fruits and vegetables and healthy snacks, such as yogurt drinks or mixed nuts. Your body will thank you for it and the guilt of the past few days will fade to be replaced by a sense of pride.

Make healthy food choices.

Get plenty of sleep, relax, and don’t forget to exercise.

After testing your limits, it's time to get back on track. Treat yourself to a good night’s sleep. You will feel rested and have more energy to take on the new challenges of the New Year. Avoid unnecessary stress and find ways to relax (yoga, meditation or just go to the movies!). Gradually start to exercise again. Physical activity will bring balance and energy back into your life.

Quit smoking.

With the start of the new year, it's time to think about your resolutions. If you smoke, why not consider quitting smoking for good? Smoking not only affects your physical health, but your vitality as well. Freeing yourself of your tobacco addiction is by far the best thing you can do to improve your well-being and quality of life. Your pharmacist can help you in the smoking cessation process. Don't wait, speak to him/her about it as soon as possible.

If you experience health issues after the holidays or if you would simply like to talk about the ways to get healthy again, your pharmacist can help you. 


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Getting back into shape after holiday excesses

The holidays are a time of rejoicing for the heart, but tough for the body. Find out how to get back into shape after holiday excesses.