Daily vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals play a role in maintaining health at any age. If you are a man, are you taking an adequate amount?

Vitamins and nutrition

It is a well-known fact—healthy eating is the basis of good health. Eating well is at the heart of current social issues, and men are no exception. In order to stay active and in peak fitness, men must rely on a quality diet. They must also ensure that their nutritional needs are being met.

Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients to the body’s proper functioning and to maintain health, strength, and vitality. Because the body is unable to produce them, it must rely on an external source (diet or supplementation). Vitamins mainly come from one food group—fruits and vegetables. However, they are present in other types of foods, as is the case for minerals.

To ensure a balanced diet, it is recommended to follow the guidelines listed in the Canada Food Guide. This guide details the appropriate daily dietary habits to follow in order to meet all nutritional needs, whether you are a man or a woman. 

Calcium and vitamin D

Calcium and vitamin D are essential nutrients for muscle and bone health. Many Canadians of all ages do not take in a sufficient amount to meet their needs. This is why some of them must consider supplementation. Here is the recommended daily intake for adult men:


Recommended daily intake


Vitamin D

Between the ages of 19 and 50

1,000 mg

From 400 to 1,000 IU

50 years and over

1,200 mg

From 800 to 2,000 IU

Source: Osteoporosis Canada.

Speak to your pharmacist to determine your calcium and vitamin D needs and to find out how to meet them.

Vitamin and mineral supplements

Many people wonder if they should turn to vitamin and mineral supplementation. The answer to this question depends on a number of factors, including age, health, and lifestyle. Supplementation is usually not considered necessary for healthy people who have a healthy, balanced diet. However, it may be essential or beneficial in some cases.

If you are considering to take a daily vitamin and mineral supplement, it is better to speak to a healthcare professional about it. They will analyze your specific situation and suggest the best option. There are vitamin and mineral preparations available on the market specially made to meet the nutritional needs of men. In particular, they contain more vitamin B, zinc, and selenium.

Here is some advice if you decide to take a vitamin and mineral supplement:

  • Take the supplement every day, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Do not go over the recommended dose.
  • Take the supplement with food, unless otherwise instructed by your pharmacist.
  • Speak to your pharmacist to find out if you should space out taking your medication and the supplement, as the latter could diminish the absorption of certain active agents.

Speak to your pharmacist if you have any questions about vitamins and minerals or about available supplements! 


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Daily vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals play a role in maintaining health at any age. If you are a man, are you taking an adequate amount?
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