Pamper your little ones!

You will be pleased to find all you need to take care of your little ones at Jean Coutu. Diapers, body products, bath products, baby cereal, baby food, jars, baby formula, toys and accessories - everything under the same roof!


Clean from head to toe

Shampoos, body cleansers, powder, towelettes… Personnelle products are perfect for baby’s delicate skin and the ideal choice for bath time or a quick clean-up.


Soft for baby, healthy for the planet

You have thought about using washable diapers for quite a while now? You are still wondering whether they would be suitable? Don’t worry: our washable diapers have almost nothing to do with the ones used in the good old days!


Hygiene and skin care products

The baby’s skin is particularly soft and delicate. Take the time to choose the right products, whether it is for the bath, for diaper changes or for hydration. Take advantage of the wide selection offered in our stores.


Dealing differently with the nutritional needs of your baby...

You don’t breastfeed? There is a wide variety of infant formula that can meet the unique needs of your baby and nourish his body at all stages of his growth.


Cereal, fruits and small meals

Baby is growing up and it’s now time to feed him with more solid food : cereal, dairy products, fruit and vegetable compote, meat-based meals... Create a variety of menus!


To learn, discover and play

Curious and attentive about their surroundings, babies like to look at things, touch and discover their environment. Offer them toys allowing them to learn and enjoy memorable and fun moments with the entire family.


A well-being without compromise

For the health and well-being of your child, it is important to rely on quality products. From humidifiers to security devices, discover the items available in-store!


Socks and bootees for the little sweetie-pie

For a gift, home use or a last minute purchase, you will find in our stores a wide selection of items such as mittens, socks, diaper covers as well as baby clothing.

The choices and designs may vary from one store to another.


A large selection of books for the family!

At Jean Coutu, find a great variety of books to entertain and allow your little ones to grow up in beauty. In addition, books are also available for parents to let them know all the tips and tricks for the well-being of the family. The selection may vary from a store to another.


Unforgettable moments

Babies grow fast, as all mothers and fathers will tell you. To immortalize a birth or capture your unforgettable moments, read the following tips to take great pictures of your little one… and don’t leave your photos hidden in your phone!

Need some advice?
Ask your pharmacist!

For more information on a product, a health problem or for all the questions that bother you about your health or regarding a family member, the pharmacist owners affiliated to the Jean Coutu network are accessible and able to advise you.