Gentle for your baby, healthy for the planet!

You have thought about using washable diapers for quite a while now? You are still wondering whether they would be suitable? Don’t worry: today's washable diapers have almost nothing to do with the ones used in the good old days!


The only diapers your baby will ever need!

Our machine-washable diapers have adjustable snaps and can be worn by newborns and toddlers, making them the only ones your baby will ever need. Choose from a selection of patterns.


As easy as 1, 2, 3!

Individually wrapped, each adjustable layer (3) has a 3-ply absorbent pad, also known as an insert (1), and a disposable wipe (2) to reduce unwanted stains. Everything you need to keep your baby dry and clean!


Diaper bag essentials

Although an absorbent pad (2) is included with the purchase of a diaper, it’s a good idea to keep a few on hand between washings.The same goes for a package of disposable wipes (3). Discreet and absorbent burp cloths (5) and a nursing pad (1) are great for preventing stains on clothing while a waterproof changing mat (4) is a definite must for a soft, clean surface when you’re on the go.


Savings that will make you smile!

Did you know that your municipality could subsidize your purchase of washable diapers? Many cities in Québec offer an average of $100 to families who choose this option. Ask about the policy in effect in your area.


Cloth diapers—the lesser known benefits

Choosing between cloth or disposable diapers for baby has an ecological significance, but other aspects should also be considered.