Applying make-up on skin with a special condition

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Virginie Vandelac

Dryness, dehydration, sensitivity, aging, acne... Discover the tips of make-up artist Virginie Vandelac for a beautiful skin, whatever its condition!

Dry skin

Dry skin is thin, often tight and has dilated pores. The reason? It does not produce enough sebum. 

Take care of your skin before applying make-up...

  • By regularly scrubbing it or exfoliating it with a mild glycolic acid product. This active ingredient helps to eliminate dead cells on the surface of the epidermis, which then becomes more receptive to treatment.
  • By smothering it with a rich and smooth day cream. It will prevent the skin from absorbing fatty substances contained in make-up products, and will promote the hold of these products.

When applying make-up to dry skin, use creamy products for a boost of hydration. If skin is tight afterwards, spray thermal water or finishing mist.

Pro tip: Want to increase the nourishing effect of make-up? Simply add a drop of cosmetic oil to your foundation or BB cream.


Skin-Best Liquid Glow, 30 ml
La Roche-Posay

Hydréane BB Cream, 40 ml

12-hour moisturising, unifying, and illuminating care.

Dehydrated skin

Due to specific factors such as climate, the skin does not lack oil, but rather water (oily skin can also be dehydrated!). Result? It loses radiance, cracks on the surface and flakes.

Take care of your skin before applying make-up with an intensive quenching treatment. Two to three times a week, smother skin with a hyaluronic acid mask to plump it and replenish it with water.

When applying make-up... 

  • Use a water-based foundation. In addition to quenching the skin, this product maintains a certain transparency when applied: flaking, when present, is not accentuated.
Dehydrated skin

Teint Idéal Cream Foundation, 30 ml

Hydra-Capt technology traps water molecules between layers of silicone for an air cushion comfort for dry skin.

Maybelline New York

Facestudio Master Prime Primer + Base, 30 ml, Hydrate + Smooth

Facestudio Master Prime preps for makeup application by visually blurring away specific skin concerns.

Skin aging

Over the years, skin loses elasticity, firmness and hydration. Wrinkles then begin to appear and the contours of the face become less structured.

Take care of your skin before applying make-up with quenching and filling products: masks, serums or creams.

When applying make-up...

  • Choose liquid formulas: they cover more effectively than creamy textures, which become encrusted in wrinkles and highlight them.
  • Avoid dark colours, which reduce the radiance of the complexion, and use a sealant base on lips to prevent the infiltration of colour in fine lines.
Skin aging
Dermablend Professional

Flawless Creator Multi-Use Liquid Pigments, 30 ml

Weightless foundation drops with 33% liquid makeup pigment. This lightweight foundation provides customizable, buildable and blendable coverage with a water-free, oil-free formula. Use alone or mix with your favorite skin care for a custom foundation finish.


Youth FX Fill + Blur Foundation SPF 20, 30 ml

Revlon Youth FX Fill + Blur Concealer dramatically transforms the appearance of crows feet.

Dark spots

Although they are more present on mature skin, spots have no age: they can appear on any skin damaged by the sun, where there is an overproduction of a brown pigment called melanin.

Take care of your skin before applying make-up by using, summer and winter, a high-index sunscreen: this will prevent the appearance of new spots.

When applying make-up...

Cover the spots with a bit of corrector: orange for dark skin and yellow for light skin.


SOS Primer, 30 ml

Visibly minimizes dark spots, evens out the complexion.


Ultra Light Advanced Tinted Sunscreen Lotion SPF 60, 50 ml

Tinted formula that enhances natural skin tone, while providing high sun protection. 100% mineral formula.

La Roche-Posay

Anthelios Mineral Tinted Ultra-Fluid Lotion SPF 50, 50 ml

100% mineral sunscreen in an universal shade for an instant natural glow. Protects from sunburn. Sensitive skin.

Sensitive or intolerant skin

Redness, heat, burning sensation... sensitive or intolerant skin has particularly pronounced reactions to certain elements: temperature, pollution, cosmetics, etc.

When applying make-up...

  • Use a mild, hypoallergenic, water-based foundation that is applied by tapping with a sponge rather than a brush. This gives a natural effect... and minimize irritation!
  • Avoid shades that are too concentrated in red pigment, such as purple, pink or orange: this pigment, the strongest of all pigments, causes the majority of reactions.
Sensitive or intolerant skin

Tip: Sensitivity is sometimes accompanied by problems like rosacea. In this case, speak with a health professional before establishing a beauty routine.


Couvrance Fluid Foundation Corrector, 30 ml
Personnelle Cosmetics

Precision Cosmetic Sponge

Acne-prone skin

Because it is often irritated and tends to be oily, take care of your skin before applying make-up...

  • By choosing products that are soft, light and non-abrasive. To clean it, ideally use a toning lotion spray: it will minimize the inflammation caused by friction. 

When applying make-up...

  • Choose a matifying foundation and add a small amount of green corrector to reduce redness.
  • Avoid oil-based formulas that can increase the shine of the skin, as well as cream textures and pearlescent finishes that accentuate imperfections.

Hyséac Bi-Stick Anti-Imperfection Stick, 3 ml

Quick and easy to use, Hyséac bi-stick is a clever double skincare formula thanks to 2 complementary actions. A must-have, take-everywhere treatment for flawless skin

Rimmel London

Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation, 30 ml

This feather-light, liquid mousse blends flawlessly for natural-looking, all day shine control.


Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup, 30 ml

Skin-clearing makeup with salicylic acid helps cover, clear, and prevent blemishes. Oil free.


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Applying make-up on skin with a special condition

Dryness, dehydration, sensitivity, aging, acne... Discover the tips of make-up artist Virginie Vandelac for a beautiful skin, whatever its condition!