Silky hair at a soft price!

Offered exclusively at Jean Coutu, Solfine brand, from Italy, offers professional-grade hair colour at an affordable price: everything for long-lasting colour, beautiful shading and soft, shiny hair.

Colour lines created with your hair in mind

  • Solfine hair colours are made to achieve 100% grey hair coverage.
  • Low ammonia formulas are gentle on the cuticle (the outermost part of the hair shaft, formed from keratin scales) and help preserve its integrity.
  • The Natural Complex technology is infused into each shade and provides key ingredients that help protect, nourish and preserve the structure of the hair during the colouring process. This mix gives shine and long-lasting color to the hair.


Crema Color : top quality hair colour

Do you want to treat yourself to a new look? Get rid of the grey? Crema Color permanent hair color let you do it all! They penetrate deeply into the hair, leaving it soft and easy to style. Rich, long-lasting shades with golden, coppery, red, mahogany or purple hues. Unleash your creativity! More than 50 shades can be mixed, with each other and with OXY oxidants, to create personalized shades. And there is a bonus! The products leave a pleasant aroma of citrus and flowers.

Want to see Crema Color in action? Have a look at our tutorial and learn how to use it to retouch your roots!

New formulas, new possibilities

The historic Crema Color formula has now been enriched with ingredients that enhance its dyeing efficacy while improving hair protection, for a richer and longer-lasting colour result.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid penetrates the hair fibre and acts from within for greater hydration, shine, and softness. It also forms a protective film on the hair surface that makes the hair fibre more resistant and healthier looking.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is packed with saturated fatty acids and very similar to the hair structure. It exerts a major emollient and protective function throughout the entire hair colouring process.

Organic Helichrysum and Flax extracts

Organic Helichrysum and Flax extracts possess antioxidant and hydrating properties that reduce cuticle sensitisation while ensuring a glossy colour result and long-lasting tones.


Fresh hues

17 new colours come with this new formula, divided in four series.

  • Nordic Naturals. This is the natural series ideal for perfect coverage with no warm tones. When mixed with cool shades, it allows for flawless grey/white coverage without altering the tone.
  • Violet Pearls. This is a series specifically designed for blonde hair which lets you achieve luminous and cool-toned blondes. Excellent for obtaining lighter results than the base colour, the Violet Pearl series removes yellow tones and transforms overly warm colours into natural blondes.
  • Pearl Ashes. This is a series specific for brown hair which removes orange tones and transforms overly warm colours into natural browns. It is ideal to achieve cool brown results both on natural and colour-treated hair.
  • Toners. This is a special series for lightened/bleached hair which transforms the results obtained through lightening/bleaching into natural, luminous blondes. The shades from this series counteract the warmth that typically results from the lightening process, creating cool, multi-tonal blondes. The Toner series has been formulated to make sensitised hair soft and combable. Its essentially neutral pH makes hair shiny and healthy looking.

Natural Color: Naturally vibrant

Innovative and efficient, Natural Color products offer maximum results ... and maximum respect for the hair! Pre-mixed with the precise amount of base color to hide grey, these PPD free colors are perfect to make hair shine or accentuate highlights. A bonus? The shades (more than 45!) abound in natural ingredients: aloe vera, wheat protein, jojoba oil, bamboo, panthenol, chamomile… A gentle mix!


Déco: because you have to de-colour before you can re-colour

To create perfect highlights, steaks or simply to lighten your hair before applying a new colour, Déco hair bleach is your best bet. Thanks to aloe vera's emollient and restorative properties, Déco works gently, without irritating your hair or scalp. Mix it with OXY 10, 20 or 30, depending on the intensity of the desired bleaching and you’re good to go!

Viva Italia: a collection bursting with colour
Discover four rich shades, created to enhance the natural colour and radiance of your hair. You can get them by mixing existing Crema Color and Natural Color shades: ask your cosmetic specialist in store for the recipes!



Mocha al Cioccolato, a rich, deep brown with a hint of mahogany.



Nocciola Tostata, a warm, hazelnut brown.



Caramello Fresco, a dark caramel shade with cold highlights.



Café à la Vanillia, a soft, clear coffee shade.

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