Capturing family time on film before the kids go back to school

Back to school is already here! Take the last precious moments of summer to capture (and print!) fabulous memories.


To ensure your family photos come out looking great, here are some basic rules to follow:

  • Don’t be shy, get in close! Don’t distance yourself too much from your subjects just so everyone can all fit in the frame from head to toe. You won’t be able to make out the facial expressions, which means you’ll have to reframe the photo in your post-editing software. If you have a big family, frame the photo just to their chests.
Dashing family photos
  • Avoid the "row of onions" look. Ask your subjects to place themselves in a triangle, with the tallest standing at the back and the shorter one in front, or take less traditional shots, which leave more room for spontaneity.
  • Want an outdoor photo? For ideal, warm, soft light, shoot your photos just after sunrise or the during the golden rays of the late afternoon, also known as “the magic hour.”
  • If you prefer indoor photo sessions, go for a wide-angle shot and use a flash to fill in the shadows on your subject’s face.
  • Focus on your subjects’ eyes; this way, their faces won’t be out of focus.


  • For a more stable grip, bend your elbow. If you want to move your device further away for a wider shot, use a telescopic selfie stick.
  • Position your device in front of your face to ensure a flattering angle.
  • Leave space in the photo for family or background.
  • Turn off the flash so you don’t overexpose your face or temporarily blind yourself.
Selfies 101


If you’re using your phone to take pictures, use the suggested filters of various apps (and not just Instagram!). By playing with colour and lighting effects, you can work on the mood and "aesthetic signature" of your shots, which can help you create a cohesive look for a photo book.


Children often offer up their best poses spontaneously. Have your device in hand, ready to capture the wonderful moments of everyday life: like playtime in the yard, visits to the park, meal-time, nap-time... You never know when the perfect image will present itself! Be prepared!


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Capturing family time on film before the kids go back to school

The final days and hours of summer break is an ideal time to fatten up your family photo album. Get the family together for some memorable snapshots or take some candids that are sure to keep the summer heat alive through the fall.