Five tips for maintaining vitality in men

Are you one of those men who sometimes feel low on energy? Here are five tips to increase your chances of staying healthy and full of vitality.

Vitality: an indicator of health

There is ample evidence that people are living longer these days. Physiological changes take place over time. It is normal to feel tired more quickly and to have a drop in energy more often. Regardless of age and context, we can still invest in keeping ourselves fit, strong and energetic!

Vitality is synonymous with energy. It is felt when the body and mind are healthy and in balance. It enables us to stay sharp, perform well, and above all, to live life to the fullest. This feeling is often the result of a set of complex factors, including lifestyle and health.

Vitality-boosting drugs and supplements: myth or fact?

People often consult health professionals because they feel "run down". They want to recharge their batteries and are looking for quick and easy solutions. That’s why they ask about medications or other products (such as supplements), that can restore their energy and their usual drive. Unfortunately, there are no approved or recognized medications or products that have such scientifically proven benefits.

Of course, there are many products on the market that claim to provide an energy boost or improved physical condition. These products are available at the pharmacy, on the internet, in health food stores, and even in fitness centres. Caution must be used before purchasing or using them. Speak to your pharmacist first and ask a lot of questions.

Our five tips

The best way to maintain your vitality is to adopt a healthy lifestyle.


Practise good sleep hygiene.

It's hard to feel energetic when you’re not getting enough sleep. Sleep disorders are a real impediment to well-being and to the ability to function well. Make sure to get plenty of quality sleep. If you suffer from insomnia, try to determine the causes and ask about possible effective solutions. You can discuss this issue with your pharmacist.

For additional information, read the following text: Break the cycle of insomnia.


Participate in daily physical activity.

To stay in top shape, it is recommended to exercise almost every day. The body is an incredible machine and sometimes it's a good idea to keep it working at full throttle, while taking into account your age, physical condition, and health. Making exercise a big part of your life is likely to make you proud, strong and balanced.

For additional information, read the following text: The benefits of physical activity on mental health.


Quit smoking.

It's true that lighting up a cigarette can provide a momentary sense of enjoyment and relaxation. However, over time, smoking slowly robs you of your energy by draining your vitality and health. It's quite common for people who quit smoking to feel a renewed energy and well-being after a few weeks―not to mention countless other benefits!

For additional information, read the following text: Smoking cessation: find your reasons, find your motivation!


Eat well.

Food is fuel for the body. Poor eating habits are a threat to health and well-being. It isn't always easy to adopt a healthy and balanced diet. If you need to make significant dietary changes, take it one step at a time. Why not start by following the recommendations of Canada’s Food Guide? It's the gold standard for nutrition. 

For additional information, read the following text: All you need to know about nutrition.


Learn how to better manage stress.

Stress is impossible to eliminate, but you can work on controlling it. Chronic stress is known to be a risk factor for many diseases. It also has a crippling effect on well-being and the ability to function or perform well. Over time, it drains and exhausts people who suffer from it. Fortunately, it's never too late to discover your own strategies for reducing the negative impact of stress.

For additional information, read the following text: Stress: its impact on health and the ways to limit it.

Don't hesitate to speak to your pharmacist if you have any questions about medication or health!


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Five tips for maintaining vitality in men

Are you among the men who sometimes feel they have less energy? Here are five tips intended to increase your chances of staying healthy and full of vitality.
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