Five reasons to quit smoking during summer vacation

We dream of summer vacation all year round; what if it was the ideal time to make quitting smoking a reality?

The best time is now

For some people, summer vacation is a time to relax and escape from the daily grind. For others, it’s a good time to carry out projects that are important to them. What if, for you, summer was the perfect time to undertake one of the most important projects of your life—to quit smoking?

For smokers, it’s easy to endlessly put off the time to take action and quit smoking for good. Lack of motivation, work stress, illness, etc.—there are plenty of reasons to convince ourselves that this isn’t the right time. However, the truth is that smoking cessation is a major test, but everyone can successfully meet the challenge!

A smoke-free summer!

There are various reasons that can convince you that summer vacation is the perfect time to take the plunge. Here are five of them:


Time is on your side.

Deciding to quit smoking requires time, effort and preparation. In summer, you can organize your time as you see fit and put your energy where it really counts. The first days without tobacco can sometimes be difficult because of cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Being free of your professional responsibilities will promote success and ease the transition period.


It’s a more quiet time of year.

It’s a known fact that smoking soothes and helps deal with stress. So, feelings of stress and anxiety have been found to be part of the withdrawal symptoms during smoke cessation. There’s nothing worse than trying to quit smoking in a stressful context (work overload, bereavement, financial difficulties, relationship issues, etc.). Summer is usually a more quiet time; being more relaxed and being able to take care of yourself can be nothing but beneficial.


You have several opportunities to have fun and enjoy life.

Smoking is associated with fun and gives the notorious “false impression of taking care of yourself”. It’s time to start having healthy “real fun” again—call up old friends, visit a destination you dream about, take up a new sport, go see a show, develop new passions, etc. People who quit smoking successfully long-term are usually those who have learned to have fun again—in a different way!


Your routine is changed.

Your routine is influenced by your smoking habits. For example, you smoke in your car, during your break, during your lunch hour, after dinner, etc. During your vacation, you have a chance to break away from automatic behaviour. Take the opportunity to outfox the neurons in your brain that are programmed in “smoker mode” and have them experience new things. Successful smoking cessation is partly based on the ability to “break your habits” and to replace them with others that promote health and well-being.


You want to be seen at your best

In summer, we wear lighter clothing and show off our sun-kissed face. There are often many more opportunities to meet people—festivals, family reunions, enjoying a meal on a terrace, weddings, etc. You want to be seen at your best. That said, smoking is harmful due to its physical effects—unpleasant smell, change in complexion and hair colour, yellow teeth and nails, premature aging of facial skin, etc. Yes, quitting smoking will have many physical benefits and may bring with it some new compliments!

Your pharmacist, your ally for success

Your pharmacist, your ally for success

Reading this text has convinced you that it’s time to quit smoking? Great! Your pharmacist can help you do this, as he/she is knowledgeable about smoking cessation. Don't hesitate to speak to him/her about it. For additional information about the role your pharmacist can play in this process, read the following text: "Your pharmacist's role in smoking cessation".


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Five reasons to quit smoking during summer vacation

We dream of summer vacation all year round; what if it was the ideal time to make quitting smoking a reality?
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