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Doctor Michèle Ohayon: renowned dermatologist, passionate communicator!

After having directed the departments of dermatology at Sacré-Coeur and Anna-Laberge Hospitals, Doctor Michèle Ohayon works at Montreal Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic and specializes in rejuvenation techniques. She also shares her knowledge with different audiences: she gives conferences and provides training for Quebec doctors, and has collaborated to the television show Quel âge me donnez-vous? (What age would you give me?), on Canal Vie.

Doctor Ohayon has the answers!

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Aging skin / Dark spots

Dorys from Lévis asks: I am 57 years old. Besides sunscreen, what are the best products to use for my (normal) skin to age smoothly ... and not too fast? I do a lot of outdoor activities and have taken care of my skin since I was young.

Anne-Marie from Montreal asks: what treatment should I choose for the fine lines around my mouth? I have a hard time finding a lipstick since these fine lines appeared.

Francine from Quebec asks: what can I do about the very dark circles under my eyes? I have tried several methods and I am desperate.

Chantal from Terrebonne asks: I am 53 years old. Since I entered menopause, my skin is no longer the same: it is increasingly dry and less and less dense. I also have more pronounced dark circles. What can I do to correct this problem?

Johanne from Boucherville asks: how can I get rid of brown spots on my face?

Maxime from Drummondville asks: the older I get, the more brown spots I have, especially on my hands. Is this normal?

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Applying make-up on skin with a special condition: mission possible!

Does your skin have redness, spots or pimples? Does it flake or lack radiance? Are wrinkles starting to appear? Follow our advice to maximize your beauty assets!


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