Thermal water

a beauty ally for every type of skin!

Moisturizing creams, masks, scrubs, lip balms, lotions, cleansing gels… you’ll find thermal water in all kinds of skincare products, both in its pure form and in diluted mists. So why is it so popular? And how should you use it? Let’s test the waters…


Drawn from subterranean mountain sources that are sheltered from pollution, thermal water is rich in minerals and trace elements that are beneficial to your skin. In addition to making it softer and more supple, it helps skin your cells regenerate, reinforcing the natural barrier that protects against inflammation. It also helps fight wrinkles, red spots and scarring… all the benefits you want from a good beauty product.   


Products containing thermal water are ultra gentle so they can be used to add moisturize and tonus to any type of skin. And–no surprise here–they’re particularly beneficial to people with sensitive skin because they soothe minor rashes and irritations caused by external aggression. Their calming properties can even offer relief to skin affected by eczema, psoriasis, couperose and rosacea. 

Thermal water skincare products aren’t just for adults!  They can also be used to moisturize the delicate skin of children in winter, or to reduce the painful inflammation caused by diaper rash.


There are lots of great reasons to add a thermal-water mister to your beauty kit – and to keep one close at hand all day long!

  • For moisturizing. A few spritzes after washing, morning and night, will help cleanse your skin more thoroughly while adding an extra layer of moisture. You might also want to leave a clean cloth soaked in thermal water on your face for a few minutes until the liquid has been fully absorbed.

Going to the gym? Keep a mister in your bag!  A few sprays will help replenish the moisture and rebalance the minerals you lost through sweating.

  • For those quick makeup touch-ups. A foundation sponge soaked in thermal water soaks up less makeup, boosts the moisturizing effects of the foundation and makes application more fluid (excuse the pun). Mist can also be used as a setting spray: as it evaporates, the minerals that remain help hold your makeup in place.
  • For its soothing effects. A few spritzes of thermal water can help soothe your skin after an allergic reaction, a sunburn or a particularly gruelling waxing session.

For more targeted use, fold a facial tissue in half, soak it in thermal water and apply it to the desired area. Leave it on to soak for at least 10 minutes, re-spritzing regularly.


Is all thermal water the same?

No! Because it comes from different sources, flowing through different soil, the quality and quantity of the minerals it contains varies, giving it specific properties that satisfy different needs.

  • Avène water: low in minerals, gently relieves itching and heals lesions.
  • Rich in silica, La Roche-Posay water covers the skin with a velvety, protective film. Its anti-oxidant action revitalizes cells and slows their aging.
  • Uriage water is the most concentrated with 1g of minerals per litre. Because its mineral content is similar to that of your skin, it rebalances and re-moisturizes your skin easily.
  • A true beauty potion, Vichy water tightens pores and strengthens the skin while soothing it completely. A quick and easy solution!


Thermal Spring Water Spray, 150 ml

Thermal Spring Water Spray, 150 ml
Thermal Water, 150 ml

Thermal Water, 150 ml

Uriage thermal water is a skincare water for daily use, a powerful treatment formulated with trace elements and mineral salts, a source of radiance for your skin. Packaged directly at the source, Uriage thermal water is extracted in a pure environment, protected from pollution.

Thermal Spring Water, 150 ml
La Roche-Posay

Thermal Spring Water, 150 ml

Soothing, softening thermal spring water. Skin that is sensitive and/or irritated by outside factors (sun, dermatological treatments, etc.).

Thermal Spa Water, 150 ml

Thermal Spa Water, 150 ml

For men and women of all ages who seek to soothe redness and irritation by strengthening the skin's natural defenses.


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Thermal water

Collected from mountain springs where it’s protected from pollution, thermal water is full of minerals and trace elements that are beneficial to skin. Thermal water not only reduces inflammation, it softens skin, strengthens its protective barrier and helps it regenerate. Goodbye wrinkles, redness and scars! It’s also great for relieving the irritation and itching of sensitive skin.