A proper manicure kit includes a hand scrub and moisturizer, a cuticle stick, a nail file, a nail buffer, nail clippers, cuticle oil, a basecoat of nail polish, your favourite gel polishes and a gel topcoat.

Most manicure experts say you shouldn’t use a cuticle remover at home: there’s a risk of injury and bleeding, which could lead to infections!


The perfect manicure doesn’t have to take long and isn’t complicated. Here’s the proof in these five simple steps:

  1. After washing and drying your hands, cut and file your nails in one direction only (not back and forth!) for the shape and length you want.
  2. Soak your nails in lukewarm water to soften your cuticles, then push them back with a cuticle stick. Rinse and dry.
  3. Buff your nails with a super fine-grit nail buffer. Clean your nails with a cotton ball soaked in acetone-free nail polish remover.
  4. Apply a protective basecoat, which will reduce the porosity of your nails and increase their resistance to breaking and tearing. Place your hands under an LED or UV lamp for 30 seconds to 2 minutes for your nails to dry.
  5. Repeat the same steps with the colour nail polish and the finishing gel: apply one or two thin layers of each product and spend at least 30 seconds under the lamp between each application.


To avoid getting polish on your skin, leave a millimetre of space between the colour polish and the base and sides of each nail. Use a cotton swab and nail polish remover to correct any mistakes.

Short and square or long and tapered? To find out which style suits you best, just look at the shape of your cuticles. If they’re square, choose a rectangular or “squoval” shape (straight tips and rounded sides) for your nails. If your cuticles are rounded, choose longer and oval or almond-shaped nails to create the illusion of slender fingers.

Angelic Gel Polish 3-in-1, 10 ml
Nail Création

Angelic Gel Polish 3-in-1, 10 ml

This gel polish of category 3 in 1 Angelic by Nail Creation collection will charm you! Easy simple and durable, you only have to apply it on your natural nails, nail tips or toes and cure 180 seconds!

Angelic UV LED Lamp
Nail Création

Angelic UV LED Lamp

Is needed to cure your nails after applying a gel polish.

Salon Pro Gel Starter Kit Shell We Dance?
Sally Hansen

Salon Pro Gel Starter Kit Shell We Dance?

Easy 2 step gel manicure in a strip with no dry time that removes easily with acetone polish remover.

Cuticle Pusher
Personnelle Cosmetics

Cuticle Pusher

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Tips for a professional-looking manicure at home

We’ve put together a short guide of tips and tricks for a professional-looking manicure you can do in the comfort of your own home.