Trend: pink cheeks

Fashion shows by Derek Lam, Balmain and Manish Arora featured blush that was apparent and well defined. To recreate this effect, focus mainly on your cheekbone and apply it in a half-moon motion for a rejuvenating effect.

For a more understated, natural look, you can use cream products that literally melt on the skin. In fact, they might be easier to work with because they can create a subtle effect or a well-defined cheek.

The tip for blush that lasts all day? Layer your textures. Just like any other makeup product, you should use your creams or liquids before your powder. Applying some powder blush over your regular blush will give your makeup extra hold.

When it comes to finding the colours to try this season, recent fashion runways mainly featured very pale, almost childlike, pinks. All you need to do now is choose the right undertone and you’re all set!

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Trend: pink cheeks

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Trend: pink cheeks

This fall, rosy cheeks are a great way to boost your complexion. All you need is the right visible blush.