Neck and décolleté: too often forgotten!

We spend so much time taking good care of the skin on our faces that we often forget our neck and décolleté, which is a shame because the skin in those areas needs extra help! Here’s a quick look at how to give these areas the care they deserve.


Much finer than the skin on your face, the skin on your neck and décolleté also has fewer sebaceous glands. And without these natural emollients, your skin dries out more quickly, making it more vulnerable to daily harm from light rays, wind, cold, pollution and other factors. As a result, lines, wrinkles, red spots, welts and pigment spots appear sooner than on other areas of your body.  


To counter the effects of premature aging of the neck and décolleté, give these areas as much care as you would the skin on your face.

  • In your 20s and 30s, use a fast, simple solution: during every skin-care routine, ensure you extend your movements and products down the neck towards the décolleté.
  • From the 40s on, start using targeted care products that boost the tone and elasticity of your skin while ensuring a more uniform complexion.



  1. Cleanse morning and night using circular movements so you don’t stretch the skin. Use a gentle tonic or makeup remover: the skin on your neck and décolleté needs delicate care.
  2. Use a scrub once or twice a week to eliminate dead skin cells and boost radiance. And, because the skin on your neck and décolleté needs more time to heal, remember to choose a milky or non-grainy product and apply it gently to reduce the chances of irritation.
  3. Moisturize: beautiful skin is never parched! For effective hydration, choose fine, light products that stimulate the regeneration of your skin (hyaluronic acid should be high on your list!). Formulas that are too rich make your skin too heavy, causing sagging, which is the opposite of what you want!

Caution! If your neck and décolleté are exposed to the sun, make sure to wear a strong SPF sunscreen. It’s the only sure way to protect against the harmful effects of UV rays!


  • Your neck: warm the cream in your hands and apply it in small circular movements from the centre outwards, bringing your two hands together behind your jaws.
  • Your décolleté: start by massaging the skin in a horizontal movement, from the interior outwards, keeping your hands flat. Next, move vertically, from the chest up towards the neck: this movement stimulates the cells responsible for elasticity and support in your décolleté area. Repeat the movements until all the cream has been fully absorbed.

Did you know? The clothes you wear can have an impact on wrinkles and even contribute to the premature aging of your skin. For example, sweaters that are too tight will rub against your neck all day long and that’s something you absolutely want to avoid. The same goes for your bra. If it’s too small, it will push against your chest, accentuating wrinkles. If it’s too big, it won’t provide the support you need and your skin will be unduly stretched, and that too can cause wrinkles.

Our suggestions

Profil Décolleté Firming and Line-Smoothing Cream, 80 ml

Profil Décolleté Firming and Line-Smoothing Cream, 80 ml
Firming Triple Firming Neck Cream, 80 g

Firming Triple Firming Neck Cream, 80 g

This antiaging neck cream is formulated with a complex of three ingredients, each with a unique action to deliver a lifted and firmer appearance. NeoGlucosamine, NeoCitriateTM and pro-amino acid work together to firm the appearance of sagging skin and target the volumizing matrix. This potent cream is enriched with a restorative fruit stem cell extract.

Extra-Firming Advanced Neck Cream, 50 ml

Extra-Firming Advanced Neck Cream, 50 ml

Anti-wrinkle, firming and lifting for a younger, smoother and more toned neck!

Multi-Tasking Care, 40 ml

Multi-Tasking Care, 40 ml

The Reversa multi-tasking care is suitable for the eye contour, face, neck and décolleté. This global anti-aging care allows the skin to restore itself thanks to its protective and corrective active substance which simultaneously fights multiple signs of aging and restores the skin to a more youthful appearance and better functionality.

Soin d'Exception Face, Neck and Décolleté, 50 ml
Jean d'Estrées

Soin d'Exception Face, Neck and Décolleté, 50 ml

Precious alliance of efficiency and pleasure. At the heart of the formula: Trésor d'Actifs, subtle blend of mother-of-pearls active proteins and Argan Tree plant stem cells. A generous skin care, with unique performances and infinite comfort. The complete response to mature skin needs.

Contour+ Neck Sculpting Gel Concentrate, 50 ml

Contour+ Neck Sculpting Gel Concentrate, 50 ml

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Neck and décolleté: too often forgotten!

Which areas do we tend to forget most in our beauty routine? The neck and décolleté. We spend so much time and effort taking care of the skin on our face by cleansing, toning, moisturizing and applying anti-wrinkle cream and masks, that we sometimes neglect these two important areas. And yet, with just a little bit of attention (and care!) we can keep them looking youthful.