4 Must-Have Lipsticks for Fall


A super shiny lip gloss

Gloss is back in a big way this season, with ultra-shiny lips now all the rage. At recent shows by the likes of Dior and Max Mara, runway models have shown off dazzling lips thanks to high-sheen gloss with a lacquer-like finish. To reproduce this look at home, go for a clear gloss that you can apply over your favourite lipstick for a personalized, ultra-wet look.    

Our suggestion

Pupa Milano

Miss Pupa Gloss Lipgloss, 5 ml

Gloss Extreme Shine Gloss Instant Volume Effect



Whether matte or glossy, ultra-dark red lipstick is also in vogue these days. We love it for its sense of mystery and gothic feel, which makes an instant statement. Try a dark red with a violet tinge to it, such as NYX’s True Vixen—Blackened Purple shade of Pin-up Pout Lipstick. 

Our suggestion

NYX Professional Makeup

Pin-Up Pout Lipstick, 3.2 g

From polka dots to pointy pumps, nothing compares to the classics. A personal fave? Ever so creamy lip color, of course!



Another hot trend this fall: minimalist looks featuring nude lipsticks in matte or neutral shades that suit complexions of all kinds. Opt for one with a creamy texture—it’s sure to enhance your natural beauty.  

Our suggestion

Maybelline New York

Color Sensational Inti-Matte Nudes Lipstick, 4.2 g

Warm up to the perfect matte nude lip!



A real throwback to the 1980s, fluorescent colours are making a comeback on lips and eyes. Try them for a bold look that’s totally fresh and feminine. Opt for a matte, highly pigmented lipstick and combine it with neutral makeup for a contrasting effect.

Our suggestion


Matte Shaker Lipstick, 6.5 ml

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4 Must-Have Lipsticks for Fall

What could be more fun than trying out a new lipstick colour? It’s the easiest way to spice up your look, boost your self-confidence and follow the latest trends. Here are 4 hues to slip into your makeup bag this fall.