New makeup brush cleaner

This is the most ingenious invention since the smartphone! A practical and ergonomic tool that can quickly clean a wide variety of makeup brushes.

It’s incredibly simple to use. All you need to do is insert two fingers into the silicone scrubber and in your bathroom sink use warm water to scrub your dirty brushes with a dab of gentle cleaner.

The silicone knobs at the top will make the cleaner foam in order to thoroughly clean the bristles while the grooves at the bottom will agitate them so they retain their original shape once they dry. In other words, the different indentations in this silicone tool are designed to remove blush, powder, rouge and foundation in a heartbeat. We promise that cleaning your makeup brushes has never been this simple – or fun!

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Personnelle Makeup brush cleaner 


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New makeup brush cleaner

Here is a brand new makeup brush cleaner that instantly removes residue from blush and powder.
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