How to get rid of hair static

Is there anything worse than having your hair get all frizzed out when you brush it, when you take your tuque off or when you put on a sweater?  Well no worries, read on and find out how you can take the spark out of static electricity!


  • If your hair won’t stay put, it’s because it has taken on a static charge, most likely because of friction. The result: your hair becomes attracted to opposite charges, a bit like magnets.
  • Why does it happen more in winter? Cold air is dryer, so electricity doesn’t circulate as well and it becomes static, meaning the electric charges can’t change easily. What’s more, lower temperatures dry your hair, which is already dehydrated because of electric heating. So your hair is lighter because it has less moisture and it’s all charged up with static electricity… the perfect combination for uncontrollable hair.
  • This phenomenon is particularly common in people with fine hair. The reason is simple: fine hair already has less body so it’s more susceptible to static.


If you want to eliminate static electricity you have to do two things: moisturize your hair and neutralize electric charges.

Go easy on your hair.

  • Try to dye your hair less often: the ingredients in hair colourings reduce keratin’s ability to absorb moisture (keratin being the main protein in your hair). Instead, try using touch-up products on your roots more often instead of dying all your hair at once.
  • After shampooing, sponge your hair dry instead of rubbing it vigorously. The goal is to let as much of the moisture as possible get absorbed by your hair. If you can, dry your hair naturally without a blow dryer and stay away from flatteners or curling irons. If you have to use a heated device, use the lowest temperature setting possible and choose ionic technology when you can. It will help rebalance the electric charge in your hair.

Choose the right formulas.

  • Use nourishing shampoos that you massage into your scalp. Then rinse gently with warm, not hot, water. For optimal hydration, use an after-shampoo treatment a few times a week. Ideally, you want a formula that contains silicone. In addition to adding radiance to your hair, it creates a shield against static electricity.
  • You could also try cream or spray-on products that don’t need to be rinsed off. They can be used on wet or dry hair and they’re available in revitalizing and volumizing formulas that add moisture and help control static electricity whenever you need it.
nourishing shampoos

Want another great tip? When you get out of the shower, use a little hairspray on your wet hair. It’ll add weight to your hair, help it retain moisture and reduce its static charge. To avoid having that pasted on look, choose a hairspray with a natural finish that leaves your hair soft and supple. But remember: go easy on it. Too much hairspray can dry out your hair and you’re back to square one.


  • Untangle your hair with a natural-fibre brush, like boar hair, or a natural horn comb. Avoid plastic styling tools!
  • Rub a fabric-softener sheet on your brushes and combs. If the shape and materials of your brush allow it, attach the sheet to it, pushing the sheet through the bristles to the base of the brush. Be sure the cloth touches as much hair as possible to help reduce the charge.
  • If the air in your house is too dry, consider getting a humidifier.
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How to get rid of hair static

What’s worse than your hair standing on end just after you’ve brushed it, removed your tuque or put on a sweater? Here’s everything you need to know about static electricity – and what to do to prevent it!
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