Brighten your complexion with do‑it‑yourself highlights

Want to brighten your face without opening your makeup kit? Hair colour can be a solution! Alexandre Grégoire, master colourist (@alex_coloriste), gives you his pro tips for do-it-yourself highlights that will brighten your complexion.

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Highlights can lighten certain parts of the hair. They add richness and nuances to the base colour, while keeping a natural effect.

An advantage of this technique? Its versatility. Long or short, thick or thin, curly or smooth, all hair types can benefit from it. As highlights require little maintenance, it is even more tempting to adopt!

Before highlights: the base colour

A judiciously selected colour ensures harmonious highlights. Set your sights on a shade that will emphasize your complexion and your eyes.
Can't decide? Our advice on brown and blond tones can help.

For hair colour

Ready to get started? Follow the instructions in the box to mix the dye ingredients. Remember to wear gloves and to cover your clothes!

Use a brush to spread the mixture evenly on the roots and then over the lengths. Proceed section by section. All areas of the hair should be covered, including least visible portions.


To avoid staining your skin, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly on your forehead, temples and neck.

Start your timer!

Let the hair colour work between 30 and 45 minutes. Measure the setting time: the longer it is, the more intense the colour. 

After rinsing the hair thoroughly, wash it with a shampoo for coloured hair, then apply the conditioning treatment included in the box. A quick blow dry and you can move on to the next step!




The time has come to put on your gloves and lighten your locks for the highlights. Select an intense bleach like Color Ultîme Iconic Blondes LXX, which can lighten hair from 6 to 8 shades. Prepare the bleach with the products provided in the box.

When putting it on, target the hair area in the front of the head: the impact on your complexion will be optimal. Do not forget to cover only the tips! Doing so will make you avoid streaks.


Tease the selected locks before application, and bleach the finer strands around the face. The result will be perfect and natural!

Start your timer!

For a slight contrast with the base colour, keep the bleach in your hair for about 15 minutes. Feeling bold and looking for a more pronounced contrast? Leave it on for about 30 minutes. Whichever you choose, verify the degree of discolouration regularly until the desired colour is obtained. 

Carefully rinse and wash the discoloured area. No trace of product should remain. Then, towel dry your hair. It’s now the time to apply the highlights shade that will suit your complexion and make it radiant.


Your skin tone is golden, almost yellow or amber

Opt for warm shades, such as honey blonde or light brown.


Your skin tone is olive, matte and naturally tanned

Choose a copper colour with caramel shades.


Your skin tone is pink and light

Select ash blonde or slightly pearly colours, which will give you an iridescent complexion.



Highlights shade

After mixing the dye, apply it on damp, bleached areas. The application is easier on wet hair: the peroxide loses some of its strength in these conditions.

You want to decrease the intensity of the shade? Dilute the mixture with a hint of water. 

Start your timer!

Almost there! For light highlights and a striking contrast with the base colour, let the hair colour set for 5 minutes.For a darker and less contrasting shade, calculate 15 minutes. Make sure to verify your colour frequently: the final colour must be perfect.

To keep the colour vibrant as long as possible, take a look at our tips.

Our suggestions

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Color Ultime Permanent Hair Color Cream, 60 ml

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Brighten your complexion with do‑it‑yourself highlights

Want to brighten your face without opening your makeup kit? Hair colour can be a solution! Follow these pro-tips fordo-it-yourself highlights that will brighten your complexion.
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