Find the ultimate hydrating mask to pamper your skin


Vichy Aqualia Thermal Night Spa Sleeping Mask

What is it? It’s a unique mixture somewhere between a gel and a cream that you apply on your face before going to bed.

How does it work? Enriched with 15 minerals, Vichy thermal water is enhanced with hyaluronic acid to help the epidermis regenerate overnight, the optimal moment for it to replenish itself. In the morning, your skin will have completely absorbed the product. If it hasn’t, just use your fingers to massage the excess gel-cream into your skin.

The results? When you wake up, your skin will be smoother, firmer, softer. Your face will look rested and refreshed.

Aqualia Thermal Night Spa, 75 ml

Aqualia Thermal Night Spa, 75 ml

For a powerful beauty transformation overnight: Wake up to skin fresher than ever. All women, whatever their age, looking for deep hydration. Suitable for all ethnicites and skin types, even sensitive skin.


Lancôme Hydra-Intense Mask

What is it? Specifically created to rehydrate normal and combination skins, this extremely light gel can be applied on irritated or inflamed skin that has been dried by harsh winter conditions.

How does it work? Enriched with Imperata Cylindrica, a subtropical plant from southern regions that survives in even the harshest droughts, this cool gel mask must be thickly applied on the face and removed five minutes later. Don’t rinse it off, use a cotton ball instead.

The results? A few minutes is all it takes to eliminate visible signs of fatigue, brighten dull complexions and deeply nourish the skin.


Caudalie Moisturizing Cream Mask

What is it? This thick cream has one purpose: to provide in-depth hydration and soothe even the driest skins.

How does it work? With a formula that contains 85.5% natural ingredients and rich in grape seed oil, this product has everything to soothe tight and itchy skins damaged by the wind and cold. Apply a thin even layer on your face and remove the excess after 15 minutes. You can also leave it on overnight if your skin is very dry. For optimal hydration, use it twice a week on the face and around the eyes.

The results? The skin is softer, smoother and refreshed. Best of all, the annoying tugging sensation disappears instantly.

Moisturizing Mask, 75 ml

Moisturizing Mask, 75 ml

Intensely nourishes, soothes.


Clarins HydraQuench Cream-Mask

What is it? A thick cream mask that will moisturize devitalized skins.

How does it work? Made with Katafray Bark extract and Sorbier Bud, it only takes five to ten minutes for this treatment to hydrate your skin and smooth wrinkles, making it soft again. It also stimulates micro-circulation to revive cell renewal that results in a healthy-looking bright complexion. Just like with other moisturizing masks, avoid rinsing the excess cream and remove it with a cotton product instead.

The results? The skin is smooth and soft, firm and hydrated. Dried skin is gently soothed.


Jean D’Estrées Quenching Mask

What is it? This gel cream mask quickly penetrates to bring comfort, softness and suppleness to dry skins.

How does it work? It is enriched with incredibly nourishing ingredients such as hydroactif complex, coconut oil, blackcurrant seed oil, hydrocapt, hydrorepair and lactovital to quench, regenerate, restructure, stimulate and protect the epidermis. Apply a thick layer on the face and neck, avoiding the contour of the eyes, and leave for 10 to 15 minutes. Wipe away the excess with a cotton ball and tone the skin.

The results? The skin will immediately appear brighter and clearer and will be fully rehydrated.


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Find the ultimate hydrating mask to pamper your skin

Moisturizing masks can help skin damaged by the cold become smooth, soft and bright again. Here are five outstanding products you should definitely try.