Dry skin?
An at-home moisturizing routine for your whole body

During the cold winter, we all need to spend time taking care of ourselves by giving our skin the moisture it needs so we can feel at our best. Here’s an easy skincare routine you can do in the comfort of your own home.

1. Hop in the shower

The first step to moisturizing your skin is to take a shower. That way you can get rid of the impurities, product residues and fragrances that cling to your skin. The ideal product to use is a moisturizing beauty bar or body gel. Your skin will end up clean and moisturized and your pores will be dilated from the steam and heat. You’ll then be ready to apply your favourite moisturizing creams.

2. Take care of ignored areas

There are some areas on the body that are largely ignored when it’s time for moisturizer creams. In addition to hands, knees, feet and elbows, don’t forget to take care of your armpits. Yes, you read that right! They have to endure a daily assault by razors and can accumulate a large amount of dead (and dry!) skin that can cause unpleasant dark spots. Use a moisturizing deodorant (forget gels!) that will pamper this often overlooked area.

3. Give yourself a scalp massage

Dry skin can be visible on the body and face, but your hair can often suffer from the same ailment. Exposed to wind, cold, hats, hair products and dye, hair tends to dry out at an incredible rate. Make sure you stimulate blood flow and sebum distribution with a nice scalp massage. To increase the efficacy of this step, use a shampoo for dry hair that contains oils to moisturize your hair and give it that lustrous shine.

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Dry skin? An at-home moisturizing routine for your whole body

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