Beauty Essentials for Women over 50

For women, the 50s are often a time of important bodily changes like menopause, when hormonal balance is disrupted by a decrease in estrogen production, which is responsible for accelerated aging of the skin, among other things. Collagen and elastin levels begin decreasing in your 30s and that process continues as you age, alongside the loss of fatty acids in the skin. Together, those two changes render your skin darker, dryer, more fragile and more susceptible to wrinkles. Over time, the very structure of your skin changes and wrinkles become even deeper and more prominent.

There's no escaping it: our bodies change as we age and that means we have to rethink our beauty rituals. Here's a good look at proper care from head to toe for women in their 50s.


The face

Daily cleansing and weekly exfoliation are now more important than ever. It's important to do everything we can to maximize the assimilation and the effects of the skin-care products we use. That's why it's crucial to use an anti-aging serum after every wash. It will boost the effectiveness of your day cream and help your night cream maximize its nourishing and regenerative effects. Once or twice a week, complete your beauty ritual by applying a moisturizing mask.

The face

When shopping for the right products, look for formulas that fill out wrinkles, add volume and tone and enhance radiance. Choose products that maximize the production of elastin and collagen and go for textures that are rich in moisturizers that will soften, repulp and illuminate your skin. If you find pigment spots appearing, look for products that feature melanin-reduction ingredients.

Do it right! By applying your products from the bottom upwards and from the centre outwards, you'll be going against gravity, which helps stimulate tone. Alternate circular dabbing motion with gentle pressure to activate your circulation and smooth out the rough spots.

Nos suggestions


Neovadiol Rose Platinium Anti-Aging Cream, 50 ml

Specifically formulated for women 60+, this moisturizing rosy cream with beeswax and calcium nourishes, fortifies and revitalizes skin for a refined texture.


Extra-Firming Tightening Lift Botanical Serum, 30 ml

Lifts, Firms, Tones


Crème Fraîche 48 Hr Moisture SOS Rescue Mask, 50 ml

Anti-pollution, soothing. All skin type.


The delicate areas: your neck, décolleté and the contour of your eyes

These areas are often the first to show signs of aging, so they require special attention. For your eyes, choose formulas that reduce wrinkles, fight sagging eyelids and enhance that wide-eyed look. Remember: only use products specifically designed for these areas. If you use your cream day or night, the heavier emollients can cause swelling and puffiness, the exact opposite of what you want!

Special products should also be used on the neck and décolleté areas where the skin is thinner and drier than on the face. Make sure your skin is ready to receive the products by washing with a gentle cleanser and using a scrub or peel to remove dead skin. Finally, make sure you use a generous amount of moisturizer morning and night. Choose one that's packed with antioxidants to fight the free radicals responsible for aging of the skin.


Profil Décolleté Firming and Line-Smoothing Cream, 80 ml

Super Restorative Décolleté & Neck Concentrate, 75 ml

Helps to redensify, restructure and even.



Your hands do all the work, so it's no wonder they show the effects of aging so clearly. If you don't give them the care they need, lines, redness and dark spots will soon start appearing. So, to keep your hands protected and looking young, massage an ultra-hydrating cream into them after every wash and before you go to bed. And remember, nighttime is when your skin absorbs the active ingredients best, so don't skimp! Keep a tube of moisturizer in your handbag, leave one on the bathroom sink and one on your night table.

Want a little extra helping hand? Once a week, give your hands the deluxe treatment with a scrub, a regenerating mask and a firming serum.

Nos suggestions

Lotus Aroma

Exfoliating Cream for the Face and Hands, 50 ml

Detoxifying, purifying and exfoliating cream for the face and hands.


Hand Cream, 20 ml, Unscented

Intensive therapy for dry skin. Fragrance free moisturizing hand cream with natural chamomile extract, natural glycerine and natural silicone. Now paraben free.

Personnelle Beauty

Moisturizing Nourishing and Repairing Mask Hand Gloves, 1 unit



Sagging skin, loss of definition, bigger love handles... the years are starting to show. It's only normal. What's important is that we all learn to love the skin we're in and to keep it as supple and nourished as possible. To help make that happen, choose rich formulas and complement them with dry oils for increased effectiveness.

Nos suggestions

Karine Joncas

5 in 1 Body Sculpting Serum, 200 ml

Supra firming integral : cellulite correction, intense slimming effect, ultra-smoothing, anti-aging.


Firming Body Cream, 200 ml

Sculpts and reinforces elasticity.


Body Fondant Firming Cream Anti-Aging, Tightening Effect, 200 ml, All skin types

With almond and orange flower petals Slack areas (thighs, stomach, bust)



Like everywhere else on our body, the passage of time shows on our hair. In addition to losing pigmentation, our hair also loses density. As a result, it becomes more lifeless and difficult to style. Give your hair the body, suppleness and shine it needs by using gentle products that nourish while adding volume. Avoid putting added stress on your hair by staying away from extreme heat and concentrated chemicals. You can also massage your scalp regularly to help loosen up the skin and stimulate circulation. Finally, if your hair is silver, choose products that add shine while preventing yellowing.


Nos suggestions

Maui Moisture

Damaged Hair Shea Butter Hair Mask, 340 g

A reminder: Remember to use a sunscreen summer and winter to protect yourself from UV rays that are part of the cause of premature aging of the skin. You should even wear sunscreen indoors because windows do not block out UV!


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Beauty Essentials for Women over 50

Qu’arrive-t-il à notre peau à 30 ans? Le renouvellement des cellules commence à ralentir, ce qui cause, entre autres, l’affaiblissement des fibres de collagène et d’élastine.