Are you familiar with manimo?

Are you familiar with manimo?

These weighted animals, known as manimo, were the brainchild of the company fdmt. Its founders observed and listened to the needs of professionals (occupationnal therapist, teachers, etc.) and parents who were having trouble with their children at bedtime or during moments when sustained attention was required. The rest is history. Ever since, weighted lizards, snakes, frogs and dolphins improve daily lives for thousands of children.

manimo green lizard

The benefits of manimo

Manimo help children focus their attention in class or when it’s time to do homework and to calm down just before bedtime. They diminish children’s excess energy, accompany them during periods of relaxation, help them develop their imagination… and are always there with a soothing hug.

manimo purple dolphin

How to choose your manimo

Manimo vary in weight between 1 and 2.5 kg, and should be selected according to the child’s weight, to help create the deepest feelings of connection with the child. By helping children become more aware of their bodies and the space around them, manimo help stabilize energy levels so kids can improve their concentration and attention skills and relax more fully when needed.

manimo blue snake

How to use them

Depending on their shape, manimo can be placed on the child’s shoulders, around the neck or across the thighs. For example, placing a manimo on the thighs or torso at bedtime creates a calming effect that helps kids get to sleep more quickly. Given their weight, we recommend using manimo for periods of between 15 and 20 minutes and with children 3 years and older.

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