French Formula


The renaissance of the icon of the 60s

Created in the 60s by professional hairstylists, French Formula was immediately considered innovative in the air care industry, introducing the first hairspray without lacquer.

French Formula offers hair care finishing products for women seeking timeless and authentic beauty.


French Formula hairspray are enriched with natural additives and vitamins. These ingredients revitalize, nourish and give body and shine to your hair.

  • Coffee: stimulates growth
  • Goji berries: beneficial on the quality of the regrowth
  • Ginseng: strengthens and prevents hair breakage

Flexible Hold Hairspray

Allows hair to quickly regain texture and volume.

  • Easy to comb and without residue
  • Malleable hold
  • Resistant to moisture and non-sticky
  • Revitalizes hair and makes it stronger

Firm Hold Hairspray

Highly efficient for the most demanding hairstyles

  • Long-lasting hold
  • Fights moisture
  • Easy to comb and no residue
  • Revitalizes damaged hair
Firm Hold Hairspray, 400 ml
French Formula

Firm Hold Hairspray, 400 ml
Flexible Hold Hairspray, 400 ml
French Formula

Flexible Hold Hairspray, 400 ml

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