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When life gets messy, get even. Your family can take it on with hands that are soft and perfectly clean. Find the perfect soap for every pair of hands in your family.

Handwashing: Why, When, and How to Do It

When & how to wash your hands + the importance of using soap & water

Why wash your hands

When you wash your hands, you dramatically reduce the amount of germs on your hands, and, therefore, your risk of getting sick. Beyond this, when you wash your hands regularly, you'll also reduce the chance that you'll infect someone else.

When to wash your hands

Wash your hands regularly. This means doing so:

- After using the bathroom
- After blowing your nose/sneezing/coughing
- After touching garbage
- After petting/playing with animals
- Before/during/after preparing a meal
- Before/after you take care of someone who is sick

How to wash your hands

1. WET your hands using clean, running water.
2. Apply soap to your hands and LATHER them up!
3. SCRUB your hands for about 30 seconds.
4. Thoroughly RINSE your hands under clean, running water.
5. Shake off the excess water and DRY your hands using a clean, dry towel/air dry.

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