Access to medication for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 at the pharmacy

Medications for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 are available in all Quebec pharmacies, subject to evaluation and prescription by the pharmacist.
If you have symptoms of COVID-19, we recommend that you wear a mask in the pharmacy or have your medication delivered to your home.

What medications are available?

There is a treatment for COVID-19, called PaxlovidTM, to be taken if symptoms have developed for less than five days and a positive COVID-19 test is obtained. This treatment is prescribed to certain more vulnerable populations who could benefit from it to prevent complications of the disease.

A preventive treatment (pre-exposure prophylaxis), called EvusheldTM, is available for patients who are not currently infected with COVID-19 and who have had no known recent contact with a person infected with COVID-19. This drug can be prescribed for immunocompromised individuals who are unlikely to respond adequately to vaccination, or for individuals for whom vaccination against COVID-19 is not recommended. It is intended to provide enhanced immunity to the virus. 

How to get it?

We urge you to consult your pharmacist if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. Pharmacists can prescribe it if they deem that the COVID-19 treatment is right for you.

If you don’t have COVID-19 symptoms and would like to know more about the COVID-19 preventive medication, don’t hesitate to visit your pharmacist for a consultation. If they feel that the treatment is right for you, they can prescribe it for you.

Don't hesitate to ask your pharmacist any questions you may have.

An important message from your Jean Coutu affiliated pharmacist-owner. Certain conditions apply.

Important notes

These medications offer more tools for the therapeutic array that could reduce the risks of complications among vulnerable patients.


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