Let’s thank them

All year long, they helped our children grow. The time has come to show our appreciation for the dedication of teachers.


End the year beautifully

Days spent surrounded by stacks of papers, monitoring recesses under the sun or in the cold, swapping sleep for correcting (and dark circles)... there’s no denying it, a teacher’s work gets under their skin! Start their holidays on a soothing note with facial and hand care products.


A well-deserved rest

The last activities are over, the classroom is tidy, and the exams have been corrected: it’s time to relax! How about a treatment with essential oils and bath products?



Indulge in something sweet

A little treat to celebrate a job well done: who can refuse that? Chocolate, confectionery, nuts, fine foods: we have everything to please sweet AND salty tooths!


The rhythm of the summer

The teacher laces up his running shoes at the slightest opportunity? Spends his summer on the road or working for hours in the garden? Give him a techno accessory that will follow him everywhere!


A safe bet

Looking for THE perfect gift that is sure to please? You can’t go wrong with a gift card: in a small envelope comes a world of possibilities…


For every taste

Mugs, candles, accessories, flowering plants... Whatever the occasion (and whomever there is to treat!), we never run short of ideas. Visit a store to find a host of other gift options!