Pharmacy technician

A rewarding and accessible career!

Are you interested in the health field? Do you enjoy interacting with people? Are you excited by the thought of new challenges? Why not become a lab technician at Jean Coutu?

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Who can fill the position?

Anyone 18 years of age or older can work as a pharmacy technician, either full-time or part-time: customized training is provided after hiring. What is needed is an ability to communicate with people, attention to detail and an interest in learning! Although a Pharmacy Technical Assistant (PTA) diploma is an asset, it is not a necessity.

What does the pharmacy technician do?

The technician plays a vital role in the activities of the pharmacy: he does real field work! Under the supervision of the pharmacist, he is in charge of greeting the patients, updating their records, preparing their prescriptions and dispensing them. He also deals with telephone calls, which he redirects to the pharmacist if necessary. Finally, he oversees organization in the pharmacy: supply, storage of the merchandise, cleanliness and hygiene of the premises... all this is his responsibility!

What does the training involve?

Offered during work periods, training lasts 130 hours in total. It combines online and classroom learning, self-study and practical work. It covers a minimum of 20 weeks for full-time technicians and 30 weeks for part-time employees. This flexible training allows everyone to progress at their own pace.

The formula? There are 5 different courses covering, among other things, specific aspects of customer service and the operation of the RxPro prescription management software. In addition to a theoretical component, each course includes several exercises and practical missions in the pharmacy. The pharmacy technician can also count on a technician-coach who will ensure that the training goes smoothly.

At the end of the training, the technician receives a certification.

Being a pharmacy technician at Jean Coutu means...

  • a stimulating job: diversity of tasks, quality of contact with patients, performance of work tools ... everything is there!
  • advancement and specialization: not only can you become a head technician, but you can also assist the pharmacist with some more specialized tasks that can be delegated.
  • access to a continuing education and recognition program: each year, a seminar day allows certified pharmacy technicians to interact with colleagues and attend various conferences to deepen their knowledge.
  • good benefits: wage progression with regular increases, an end-of-year attendance bonus, a flexible group insurance plan, part of which is paid by the employer, an employee pricing policy... are just a few of the benefits available to you!*

*Some conditions apply.

Would you like to apply?

Find out about the numerous laboratory technician* job opportunities available in your area or go to a Jean Coutu store.

* This is the job category used in the search engine. However, in Ontario and New Brunswick, the official job title is "Pharmacy assistant". In both provinces, the “pharmacy technician” position is governed by the Order of Pharmacists, and subject to the registration requirements of the Order.


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Pharmacy technician A rewarding and accessible career!