Personalized analysis: for a portrait of your skin... and the care it needs!

Discover the tools available in-store to help you identify the needs of your skin and obtain the ideal Dermo-Cosmetics skin care!
Dermo-Cosmetics Care



Using this device, your cosmetician can perform a real-time reading of the moisture level of your skin. How? Nothing’s easier!

  1. After sterilizing the hydrometer, she rests it on your cheekbone for 30 seconds.
  2. By interpreting the measurement obtained, she determines if your skin is hydrated, dehydrated or very dehydrated,
  3. She designs a Dermo-Cosmetics routine adapted to your needs.

Informative, free… a well-used 15 minutes!


Dermo-Cosmetics iPad

The iPad is located in the Dermo-Cosmetics area of your Jean Coutu. You can use it by yourself: just touch the screen to answer a few questions, especially about your skin condition and the products you prefer to use. You will then know your skin type, and will get (to your personal email address, if you want!) the list of suggested skin care for your beauty ritual.

Do not hesitate to ask for help from your cosmetician: by analyzing your answers, and by coupling them to the hydrometer data, they can specify your result and modify the products proposed for your skin care routine accordingly. Why not take advantage of this little extra?


Online tool - Skin diagnosis

You wish to get a skin analysis before going to the store?

Use our online tool, and do not hesitate to discuss your results with your cosmetician!



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