How to tame wild hair

Is your hair frizz out of control? Is flat hair driving you nuts? Take heart, there’s a way to tame wild hair. Take notes!


Curl split ends

It’s a well-known fact that hair tips have a life of their own after being ruffled in a bun or shoved under a scarf. To get a bit of style back and give the illusion of an impeccable hairdo, take a few minutes to curl your tips with the help of a large barrel curling iron. This simple trick will give the impression that you have natural or beach waves. Start the curl below ear level to avoid an effect that’s too chic.

We suggest: Tressemé 1 1/4 inch curling iron



Nothing hides unmanageable or oily hair quite like a braid. Whether you go for a fishtail braid or a crown braid, your unruly hair will add volume and create a modern look. Make sure to take the time to hydrate your locks in the shower that evening.


Tease your roots

Don’t be scared, we’re not talking about a look that’s straight out of the 1980s. If your hair doesn’t want to cooperate, it might be because they’re flat. Goodbye bounce, hello limp hair. Use a volumizing powder to give your hair dimension and movement. Apply it to the root before delicately teasing your hair with a fine-toothed comb. Make sure you gently brush your hair once you get back home.

We suggest: Got2B Powder’ful Power


Wear a bandana

This is a classic trick. To punish hair for their bad behaviour, wear a plastic or fabric headband. These accessories are gaining popularity on runways (Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy and Marc Jacobs to name a few), and are appropriate for both work and your post-work happy hour. That way you can control the frizzy and short hair that tend to show up where you part your hair.

We suggest: Goody SlideProof clip


Straighten frizzy hair

If your frizzy hair is causing you to break out in a cold sweat in the morning, you can easily tame your locks with a drop of moisturizing serum that will also act as a barrier to humidity. First, warm it in the palm of your hands and then apply it strand by strand while avoiding the root. As a bonus, it will also give your hair back its shine.

We suggest: Garnier Sleek&Shine Serum

Fructis -  Serum, 150 ml, Sleek & Shine

Fructis - Serum, 150 ml, Sleek & Shine


Curl with sea salt

In addition to helping you get waves that look straight out of an ad for a beach resort, sea salt can help turn your bad mornings into good ones. How? Spray your dry hair with a veil of salt water. Then curl your locks into a tight bun that you’ll undo an hour later. You’ll get long-lasting waves thanks to the combination of sea salt and elastic band. It’s almost magic!

We suggest: OGX Sea Salt Spray


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How to tame wild hair

Is your hair frizz out of control? Is flat hair driving you nuts? Take heart, there’s a way to tame wild hair. Take notes! 
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