Tips and tricks for hairstyles that hold all night

Want to celebrate until late — and have a hairstyle that can keep up? No problem! Whether your hair is short, shoulder length or long, here you'll find suggestions and tips to keep your hair impeccable for hours! 


Short hair

Monotonous? On the contrary! With short hair, you have a bunch of opportunities to have fun! We like them with a "roll out of bed" effect: in addition to giving elegance without effort, this already dishevelled style adapts to the evening’s unpredictability. For a more put-together look, dare the sleek wetlook: smooth your hair back with gel or cream. Hold (and style) guaranteed!


  • With short hair, it is essential to use the right products and the right quantity.Look for hold without stiffness or excess volume: you do not want to look like a mad scientist!
  • For an optimal effect, add a small amount of styling powder to the roots of the hair, then tousle with your hands. Then add movement and texture by uniformly applying a dab of putty or wax, previously warmed between the palms. Feel free to define the tips by twisting slightly ... while watching out for the greasy effect!
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Shoulder length hair

The bob in all its forms is very trendy, and it's not for nothing: you can wear it a thousand ways! For an evening, wear it smooth, with bangs to match, or opt for natural waves—especially useful if your hair tends to frizz.You prefer to tie your hair? Gather your hair in a half- bun or in a low ponytail, adding some bobby pins to hold stray locks.


  • Before or after drying, avoid weighing down your hair with too much product. On wet hair, a mousse or a volumizing spray are suitable. And for dry hair, a little natural hairspray or sea salt solution are enough.
  • To avoid damaging the hair, never dry your hair too long at maximum heat. Also make sure to avoid overusing the flat iron, which removes volume from the hairstyle. It is preferable to finish drying using a round brush.


For long hair

The classic messy bun is a sure bet. To keep up with the trends, you can also adopt the braided crown or a ribbon tied around a ponytail. If you prefer to let your hair loose, pin straight hair or natural curls are always popular.


  • Long hair can be heavy. To prevent it from looking dull, especially if it is loose, slightly crimp underneath.
  • No time to go to the hairdresser or wash your hair before a party? Use dry shampoo to restore freshness and volume to your mane.
  • To touch-up your style if necessary, you can carry a mini bottle of hairspray in your handbag. Opt for a product with natural hold, and do not hold the bottle within 20 cm (8 inches) of your head: you do not want to end up wearing a helmet!
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Dry Shampoo, XXL Volume, 200 ml

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Tips and tricks for hairstyles that hold all night

Whether you have short, shoulder-length or long hair, here are our top picks when it comes to products, hairstyles and accessories. Follow our tips and tricks for a hairstyle that holds long after the clock strikes twelve.
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