Three women of three difference ages, all with the same look!

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There’s no age limit on looking radiant! And to prove it, Virginie Vandelac creates the same look with three women of different generations—all using the same products and techniques!

1. First, mix equal amounts of moisturizing foundation and light lotion and then brush a thin layer of the mixture onto your entire face. The lotion reduces the coverage of the foundation, so you’ll end up with a light, translucent finish.

On mélange d’abord des quantités

2. Add a touch of concealer under your eyes, using the amount you need for the desired intensity of concealing.

Psst! Go easy with the application... it's better to use the smallest amount possible for your needs, and then add more if you need to.

On ajoute une touche d’anticernes

3. Apply a cream blush to your cheekbones, wiping upwards towards your temples. The moisturizing texture will boost your radiance, and the colour will help create a lifting and slightly retro effect.

On applique un fard à joues

4. Next, work your eye areas delicately by adding a touch of blush to the outer corners of your upper eyelids and the hollows of your brow bones. Then pat a small amount of light lotion onto the centres of your eyelids and finish it off with a coat of brown mascara. This warm, soft tone goes great with natural, luminous looks.

Pour travailler le regard tout en délicatesse

5. Fill in your brows using a light, easy-to-apply blush to enhance your eyes and add definition where needed. Make sure you set the colours with a gel that keeps them in place and creates an upward lift.

On remplit nos sourcils avec un fard léger

6. Accentuate your lips by dabbing on a little vibrant red, and then blend it in using your fingers or a brush. Complement it with a multi-reflective gloss, and your colour will create a discreet accent that adds radiance to your complexion.

On accentue nos lèvres en y tapotant un rouge vibrant

7. To complete the look, apply a bit of loose, fine-textured powder to certain areas, especially your cheekbones and eyelids. In addition to ensuring that your makeup stays put, it will help you control the intensity of your glow.

on applique un peu de poudre libre à texture très fine

Good to know: 

Everyone loves versatile looks! But it’s good to keep in mind certain types of products and certain application techniques that are most appropriate for your age. For example, if you have more mature skin, you might want to keep these pointers in mind: 

  • For your complexion, choose light, liquid formulas, which are less likely to accentuate wrinkles or fine lines.
  • For your eyes and eyebrows, choose soft colours that enhance your eyes without hardening your features.
  • For your lips, look for plumping formulas that are rich in moisturizing ingredients. And remember to outline your lips with a pencil to prevent the colours from bleeding out along the fine lines.
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Three women of three difference ages, all with the same look!

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