Shopping for the right hair dryer


Lightweight Platinum Strength Hair Dryer from TRESemmé

What is it? A hair dryer made with tourmaline and ceramic that evenly distributes heat through your hair. Its ultra lightweight motor makes it easy and comfortable to use—you’re not likely to develop tendinitis with this hair dryer! It features two buttons: the first to set the heat (three available settings) and the second to set the speed (high or low).

For who? Women with very long hair who find setting their style to be a real chore.


Platinum Strength Hait Dryer, 1 unit

Platinum Strength Hait Dryer, 1 unit


Infiniti Pro 3Q Hair Dryer from Conair

What is it? Quick, high quality and quiet, this innovative hair dryer has up to 5,000 hours of motor life and 70% more airflow than most AC dryers to quickly set your hair. And even better? Since your hair is exposed to heat for a shorter time, the damage is minimized. This hair dryer also has three heat settings, two speed settings and a cold air blast to set your hairstyles.

For who?
Busy people who don’t have a lot of time to spend drying their hair.

3Q Professional Brushless Motor Hair Dryer, 1 unit
Infiniti Pro by Conair

3Q Professional Brushless Motor Hair Dryer, 1 unit


Styliss Ionic Hair Dryer from Conair

What is it? Five temperature settings, five airflow settings and five cold air settings, displayed on a digital screen and controlled by an ultra easy-to-use switch. There is no doubt about it: this is the Cadillac of hair dryers available in pharmacy. What’s more, it comes with a classic removable nozzle and a diffuser to smoothen or curl your hair and add volume and texture to your tresses.

For who? Men and women who have fine, dry and/or damaged hair, and who want to customize their heat/airflow settings.


Keratin Smooth Power Dryer from TRESemmé

What is it? Specially designed to stretch textured hair (wavy, curly or frizzy) and smoothen rebellious locks, this hair dryer features a mix of tourmaline and ceramic to seal cuticles and eliminate frizz, as well as neutralize static electricity while reducing damage to the delicate hair fibre. It also has three temperature settings and a button to set the airflow.

For who?
Anyone who has thick, curly or frizzy hair, and who dreams of having perfectly smooth, shiny hair that lasts all day—and all night!


Infiniti Pro Folding Dryer from Conair

What is it? What makes this hair dryer stand out from all the rest? Its folding handle, which allows you to store it pretty much anywhere: in your handbag, a tote bag, a sports bag or even a small suitcase. It is super compact and incredibly powerful for ultra quick drying. As well, it features two temperature and speed settings and an air concentrator for precise styling.

For who?
Travellers and sporty people who always make sure to style their hair after hitting the gym.


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Shopping for the right hair dryer

Finding a hair dryer that will perfectly set your hairstyle every time is no easy task! Here are five great models you’ll want to check out today.
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