How to shop for beauty products like a pro


Be an early bird!

Believe it or not, the morning is the best time of day to shop for cosmetics. Why? That’s when all your senses (especially your sense of smell) are awake and neutral, and therefore more reliable. It’s also the perfect time to smell new fragrances or sample that perfume you’ve had your eye on for ages. Pssst! Don’t forget to neutralize your nose by smelling coffee beans between each different fragrance.

The morning is also the ideal time to test skincare and makeup products, since your skin is totally bare (only washed with a gentle cleanser then lightly patted dry with a towel). This way, you’ll have the time to see how the product acts on your skin, then decide whether it suits you or watch how it evolves over the course of the day.


Consult a cosmetician

Cosmeticians are hired because they are veritable beauty experts and have extensive knowledge of skincare, hair, makeup, and many other products.

Why not take advantage and ask them all your burning questions? They’ll be happy to share their best tricks and pro tips. And they can even analyze your skin, tone, nails or hair type to guide you toward the right products for your specific needs.


Take advantage of trial and touch-up services

Did you know? You can take advantage of makeup touch-ups and skincare product trial services in store. Simply go see a cosmetician, tell her about your wants and needs, then let her expert fingers and brushes take over from there! It’s one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to test cosmetics, discover the right products for you, and learn more about the latest ingredients, formulas, innovations, textures and colours, all at the same time. Shopping for beauty products has never been this simple and fun!

In-store beauty services

The expertise and services of a pro, the closeness of Jean Coutu. Drop by and see your cosmetician today.


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How to shop for beauty products like a pro

Everyone dreams of having a beauty kit worthy of the biggest beautistas. So, how do you do it? Here are our best tips and tricks to shop for beauty products like a real pro!